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Yutaka Tennoji
Yutaka Tennoji Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 天王寺 豊
Romaji Name Tennoji Yutaka
Game Debut Metro PD: Close to You
Height 6'0"
Weight 181 lbs
Age 26
Blood Type B
Birthday August 17
Rank Detective
Fact Baseball fanatic


Yutaka Tennoji is a selectable character from the game Metro PD: Close to You. He is the wild one of the unit, often relying on pure instinct to get him through tough situations.


Tennoji was born and raised in Osaka. He is close to his younger sister Yuka, and he is extremely protective of her.

Five years previously, Yuka was attacked while waiting to meet up with Tennoji, who was running late. Yuka survived the attack, but as a result of her injuries she now uses a wheelchair. Her attacker was never caught, and Tennoji blames himself for not being there when Yuka was assaulted. Since then, he's become obsessed with his work, putting in long hours and overtime in the hopes of catching the person who harmed her.

Tennoji originally worked in the MPD 1st Unit, but he was eventually transferred to 2nd Unit because he couldn’t get along with his superiors.


Tennoji has choppy dark red hair, grey eyes, and a diamond-shaped silver stud in his left ear. He is the tallest person in 2nd Unit, and due to his muscular build he outweighs most of the other detectives by at least 20 pounds.


  • Work Attire: Tennoji wears a black jacket over a plain white t-shirt, dark green jeans, a red belt, and a black sport wristband. 
  • Casual Attire: Coming Soon...
  • Sleepwear: Coming Soon...


Tennoji is very dedicated to his work. He is known as a “loose cannon” because of his aggressive tactics and out-of-the-box thinking, such as using intimidation when interrogating suspects or leaping off of buildings to reach evidence. Even though his methods are unorthodox, he is the top case-closer in the MPD, a distinction once held by Hanai.

He has a relatively good working relationship with the other 2nd Unit detectives, although he and Hanai tend to butt heads often due to their opposing personalities.

Even though he can be brash and hot-tempered, he is also quite sensitive. He embarrasses easily and blushes often, especially when he’s being teased by the other 2nd Unit detectives. Despite being fairly easy to read in most situations, Tennoji is remarkably adept at keeping romantic feelings under wraps.

He's a major baseball fan, and the Tigers are his favorite team.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

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Armed & Engaged

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NYC Case Files

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  • Even though he claims that his English skills are "awesome," he has the worst English-speaking ability in the whole unit.
Yutaka Tennoji