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Yusei Sasaki
Yusei Sasaki

General Information
Kanji Name 佐々木 祐星
Romaji Name Sasaki Yusei
Game Debut Liar! Office Deception
Age 30
Birthday May 23
Gender Male
Job Position Assistant Leader
Height 6'1" / 184 cm
Blood Type O
Hobby Plastic Models
Personality Reliable and Manly

Yusei Sasaki is one of your co-workers from D-Team in Liar! Office Deception and a potential liar and spy.


Yusei Suzuki worked as a bartender with a meager wage but was deeply in love with his girlfriend, whom he planned to marry but she left him for a richer man. Heartbroken and tired of not having funds, he accepted a deal work for Daito and infiltrate Media Act as Yusei Sasaki. For three years, he maintained his position as the assistant to the D-Team's leader all the while thwarting any chance for Media Act to compete with Daito.

When you were assigned as D-Team's new leader, he made you feel welcome but he was plotting to ruin your team's campaign for the Olympics.


Yusei Sasaki - Profile

Yusei has dark brown hair with light highlights that are slicked back and parted on his right and dark brown eyes. He naturally has black hair with bangs that he changes back to later on.


  • Work Attire: Yusei wears a light gray blazer with a white dress shirt, a blue/white striped tie, and gray slacks with a belt.


Yusei is a capable leader that you can lean on when needing confirmation.

Summary of Routes

Liar's Route

It's getting close to the next presentation for the Olympic Committee and you still haven't caught the spy. However, with the release of the New Office Battle movie and mysterious chain found in the data room with your laptop containing the data, someone was in there after hours, but was it Yusei?


  • Shiori often calls him SasaKING.
  • He likes chocolate milk.
  • He makes 3 million¥ a month.
  • He's a fan of Office Battle series which is based on Star Wars
  • He's one of Keisuke's rivals for your affection.
  • He's one of the guys on your team that Sakurako often flirts with.

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