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Yu Agatsuma
Yu Agatsuma - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 吾妻 佑
Romaji Name Agatsuma Yu
Game Debut Bad Boys Do It Better!
Personality Stubborn but Sweet x Firecracker
Birthday October 16
Height 5'7"
Weight 143 lbs
Life motto "Nothing will get in the way of practice!"

Yu Agatsuma is a selectable student in Bad Boys Do It Better!.


Coming soon...

Your Special Place


Yu has spiky blond hair that's parted on the right and his left side is partially dyed red, golden eyes, and multiple ear piercings.


  • Uniform: Yu wears a gakuran uniform with the top undone, an orange hooded jacket underneath that's partially zipped up, and a white V-neck shirt.
  • Casual Attire: Coming soon...
  • Home Attire: Coming soon...


Yu is very outgoing and easy to approach. You- in fact- get along well with Yu, and you quickly become good friends with him. Despite being outgoing, he is also a little bit naïve and a jerk, but he cares about others greatly.

He is kind and considerate; whenever you are feeling down, he gives you a pineapple milk flavored candy whilst telling her to cheer up. Although he is kind, he is also a little oblivious especially to his own feelings and emotions.

He is also very dedicative, especially when it is about basketball. Every day after practice, he would go to the park and practice shots. The others seem to recognize and acknowledge this quality as well.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

You and Yu go to school everyday together, and you hang out together everyday. This eventually leads to love blooming in your heart, but Yu turns you down because the most important thing to him is basketball, but romance only continues to grow between the two of you...


Main Story


Completion Bonus


  • His name "佑" means "help" and his surname "吾妻" means "the lands east of the capital".
  • He shows a great liking towards honey-lemons and pineapple milk candy.
  • He is allergic to cats.

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