Your Pop-Star Butler
Your Pop-Star Butler
General Information
No. of Chapters 7
Game Origin Scandal in the Spotlight
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Kyohei, Iori, Nagito, Kota, Takashi
Price $2.99

Your Pop-Star Butler is a sub story from Scandal in the Spotlight


The Revance butlers are at your service, Miss! These pushy gentlemen have you wrapped around their white-gloved finger! Your heart can't catch a break!


You find that Yokoyama has his evil deeds in hand once again! Determined to crush Revance, he hires a rival boy band to go against Revance in the TV show. However, Revance - unable to back down - decide to go to a camp to be trained by the real-deal butlers! Not only that, but you are their mistress~ Pop star and butler, at your service!


There are no CGs that come with this story

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  • This crossover is the only one with three games compiled together and at least one of each character appearing in person sometime throughout the story.

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