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Whispers of Love From the Stars
Whispers of Love - Title
General Information
Kanji 愛をささやく星座の恋人
Romaji Ai wo Sasayaku Seiza no Koibito
No. of Chapters 6 (1 per character)
Game Origin Star-Crossed Myth
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Leon, Scorpio, Teorus, Dui, Huedhaut, and Ichthys
Price $2.99

Whispers of Love from the Stars is a sub story from Star-Crossed Myth.


Tales of astrological romance. Are you ready to experience the sweet, intense love of the god of the stars?



Ichthys and Teorus read about how a hero was able to slay a lion single-handedly. They tell you to go and find Leon's weaknesses using your charms. You do just that, but it seems like Leon has the night this time...


You find Scorpio making a sweet-smelling liquid. Drawn to it, you drink it. However, you realize this liquid is actually poison, and now Scorpio has to bring the poison out by tending to your sweet desires!


You are in the garden in the mansion, and you find Teorus there... but you realize something is strange about the Teorus standing in front of you, until you realize another Teorus comes in to pick you up!?


You have the Gemini Fair coming up, and you decide to ask Dui about the Gemini constellation. He smilingly accepts. He says in exchange: take him to the planetarium to see the stars! Having the whole planetarium to yourself and Dui, you two enjoy a love with stars shining down below...


Late at night, with Hue, you drink a little alcohol. However, you end up passing out! When you opens your eyes, he says to go back to sleep, and you give in to the comforting warmth of his footsteps, his arms, and his heartbeat.


You are hanging out with Ichthys, when you and him think of the legend of the red string of fate. Ichthys snaps his fingers, making a thin red cloth and tying it around. However, things get really messy when you realize Ichthys pulled a prank once again!



  • The red string of fate (Ichthys' story) is a Chinese legend
  • This sub story's CG is the prologue picture