Virgo's Envy, Stronger than Ambrosia
Virgo's Envy, Stronger than Ambrosia
General Information
No. of Chapters 3
Game Origin Star-Crossed Myth
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included 12 gods
Price $1.99

Virgo's Envy, Stronger than Ambrosia is a sub story from Star-Crossed Myth, featuring all twelve gods, but mainly the six sinned gods.


The gods on Earth receive wine from Partheno! But little do they know, they're about to feel Partheno's jealous wrath... What does this splendid spirit taste like!?


Ep.1: Partheno's Thoughtful Gift?

Partheno, Krioff, Tauxolouve and Aigonorus give Altair a purple alcoholic liquid inside a bottle and tells him to go and give that to the six gods down on Earth. Altair happily agrees to do so, but once the gods drink the alcohol, they turn tiny!?

Ep.2: Pocket-sized Gods

You find the chibi gods cute and toy with the gods slightly as you go out into the city. Suddenly, they all go out to spend some time at their own leisure. However, it's dangerous but all of them go out in different directions. Now you must bring them back in one piece!

Ep.3: The High Price of Horseplay

Once you all head back into the mansion, Karno and Zyglavis return them to their normal selves. After telling them that they'll have a talk with Partheno and the rest, Leon and the rest agree that it's payback time, and they made sure that you'd never, ever toy with them again.


There are no CGs for this sub story.


  • Although the overview stated that Partheno was the one who felt jealous of the gods on Earth, it is noted that Aigonorus, Tauxolouve and Krioff had the same amount of jealousy as him.
  • Ambrosia has a definition of "delightful liquid," [1] this is ironic because the ambrosia given to the gods made them the exact opposite of "delightful."
  • The first episode of this sub story is told from Altair's point of view.
  • Despite the all 12 of the gods appearing, Partheno, Aigonorus, Tauxolouve and Krioff only appear in the beginning of the story, and Karno and Zyglavis only appear at the near end.



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