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Tsumugu Kido
Tsumugu profile

General Information
Kanji Name 城戸紡
Romaji Name Kido Tsumugu
Game Debut Our Two Bedroom Story
Height 5'11"
Weight 143 lbs
Age 27
Birthday April 1
Blood Type AB

Tsumugu Kido is a selectable character in the game Our Two Bedroom Story.


Tsumugu is the oldest child of his family (he has two sisters who are twins and a younger brother). His parents divorced as he was growing up, but his father kept returning for money and his mother worked off his debts because she was still in love with him. Because she worked very hard in financially supporting her ex-husband and raising four children herself, she was hospitalized from overexerting herself and died shortly after. This caused Tsumugu to resent both his parents, and became devoted to never make the mistake that his mother did: falling in love.

Eventually, he gets accepted into one of the best colleges in Japan. He works in a convince store to support himself and he meets his future girlfriend there. He fell in love with her and would often skip meals in order to buy her lavish presents, but she breaks up with him in order to marry a wealthier man who's training to become a doctor. Her spiteful comments about his slobbish appearance is the reason for his double life; pristine at work while slobbish at home.



Tsumugu has dark hair, light green eyes and pale skin. At work, Tsumugu has a very high class appearance. He wears a suit and has his hair very neat. At home however, Tsumugu looks entirely different. His hair is messy, he wears casual clothes and glasses.


  • Work Attire: He wears a black suit, a black vest, white dress shirt and a black tie.
  • Home Attire: He wears either his signature black and white striped t-shirt with red sweats, or his red hoodie and white t-shirt.


Tsumugu is a tsundere. He has two personas. At work he speaks standard Japanese and is very polite. Tsumugu takes his job very seriously and is rather competitive with his co-workers. At home Tsumugu speaks in Kansai dialect. He can be very rude at times. He is very frugal when it comes to money and enjoys buying from sales; he even charges you rent when you first start living with him. Tsumugu has a love for strawberries. In the epilogue, you discover that Tsumugu is a real sweetheart to you, the woman he loves, even giving you back all the money that you paid to him as rent. He shows his love through actions rather than words.

Summary of Routes


Tsumugu Kido

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