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Toma Kiriya is a selectable coworker from the game Irresistible Mistakes.


Not much known about Toma's childhood, the fact that he started working at Addison & Rhodes because of the same reason as you; Shunichiro's SLR commercial. Shunichiro's SLR commercial inspired him to work at Addison & Rhodes. 

He used to be in the accounting department, according to rumors he was moved to creative department because of he's arrogance on a client one time. It was revealed that the real reason why Toma was moved to creative department because one client insulted Shunichiro on a commercial which caused Toma to talk back to the client through which the client was not very pleased about it.

Although both Toma and Taku went in a different universities, they were both part of a swimming team and met through competitions, through which their rivalry started. Taku noted that he was always Number 2 and Toma being Number 1 in swimming competition. Despite the two being rivals, they both share a very close relationship.

In college, Toma had a girl he really liked and they soon eventually dated. However, she had cheated on Toma with his best friend. Once he had confronted her, she had denied the affair and shed many tears in front of him, only for them to a fake and all the things she said that weren't true, were lies. Because of this incident, he had lost both his best friend and girlfriend and it is also the reason why he does not trust a women's tears.



Toma has a neck-length, messy black hair. Since he does swimming to relax and as a hobby, he has a slender build. He wears contact lens but when it gets uncomfortable, he switches to wear his black eyeglasses.


  • Work Attire: Toma wears a beige blazer, with a blue sweater and checkered polo.
  • Casual Attire: Toma wears a white and grey striped shirt, with a plain white polo that's unbuttoned.
  • Night Attire: A light and dark gray striped shirt, with green bottoms.


Toma is described at work as being tyrant and genius. At first you described him as a tease but after you get to know him, he's actually a very hardworking person who devotes himself to work and takes his work seriously. After he falls in love with you, he starts to open up more with you and you get to see his kindness.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

You couldn't believe that you slept with Toma, you tried to play it off by saying despite being in the same department, you barely run to each other. But the next day you were assigned to work a new commercial with him?!

Like Never Before

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Sweet Surrender

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  • He was rated No. 3 in the Fans' Top Choice for a One Night Stand.
  • He has a sweet tooth for coffee, he likes to add milk and sugar to his coffee instead of having black coffee.
  • He has his customize order in Starbucks which contains chocolate syrup and chocolate chips, and he calls it Kiriya Frappuccino.
  • He currently lives in Omotesando.
  • His choice of drink is a White Russian.
    • White Russians are considered sweet which caters to Toma's sweet tooth.
  • He's very farsighted: without his contacts or glasses, he can't see peoples' faces very well (even those he knows) but he can things from faraway like a billboard.
  • He has also been known to be a good singer.