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Thrill of the Heart -After Hours Allure-
MW7R - Thrill of the Heart -After Hours Allure-
General Information
No. of Chapters 3 per character
Game Origin My Wedding and 7 Rings
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Asahi,Yamato, Junta, Hiroto, Ren, Kai and Seiichirou
Price $2.99

Thrill of the Heart -After Hours Allure is a sub story from My Wedding and 7 Rings.


After work...

No one's around to get in the way of your sweet moments together any longer.

What's gotten into him today?

He's more comforting and captivating than ever...



Asahi asks you out for dinner after work, but unfortunately it turns out both of you have to go to a drinking session with your department after work. Asahi still manages to get close to you, and after the two of you managed to sneak away from the others he's really giving your heart a run for it...


You run into Yamato at the grocery store after work, and the two of you enjoy a blissful afternoon with everyday activities like dinner and a bath.


Junta invites you to a movie after work, and you couldn't be happier, and Junta is particularly bold in public today!


Hiroto takes you out on a fancy date night with drinks at a bar, bowling and some steamy moments in the park...


Ren takes you to the planetarium after work, and on your way home you stop to watch the real stars and some sweet moments.


Kai comes to pick you up after work on his motorcycle, and on your way home he stops at a pier to watch the cityscape by night. After sharing a passionate kiss at the pier, you get home and as you're finishing up dinner, it seems that Kai is hungry for something other than food...


Seiichirou meets you after work and takes you to an art aquarium and a stone sauna where he gives you a special massage. You feel like you'll never tire of the many layers of Seiicihirou...


  • Ren reveals that the planetarium is his favourite place to go when he's tired.
  • The "Thrill of the Heart" sub stories are the first stories that mention that Kai is a smoker.