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Thrill of the Heart -Office Interludes-
MW7R Thrill of the Heart Office Interludes
General Information
No. of Chapters 3 per character
Game Origin My Wedding and 7 Rings
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Asahi, Yamato, Junta, Hiroto, Ren, Kai and Seiichirou
Price $2.99

Thrill of the Heart -Office Interludes- is a sub story from My Wedding and 7 Rings.


Stolen kisses in the office where anyone might see...

Your working man is more daring than ever today ♥

Clandestine rendezvous at work...

Can you keep a secret?



You and Asahi get in an argument before work. How is he going to resolve this?


Yamato keeps helping you out at work. He even gives you a special "power transfer"...


You missed Junta before work this morning, but luckily you keep bumping into him in empty elevators and conference rooms...


Hiroto is starting a new project and is trying to show off a stress free exterior, but when you drop by his office you see how much it really affects him. How exactly does Hiroto want you to cheer him up!?


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Coming soon...



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