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Thomas - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name トワ
Romaji Name Towa
Game Debut Pirates in Love
Height 5'6"/167 cm
Weight 117 lbs/53 kg
Occupation Apprentice pirate
Personality Determined, lots of smiles, worrier
Birthday March 29
CV Tetsuya Kakihara

Thomas is a character you can choose in the game Pirates in Love and the newest member of Sirius alongside you.


He uses a wooden sword when fighting. He's usually given the hard labor on the ship due to his low ranking.

He is the son of a king and his true lover. His mother is deceased and his hometown was attacked a long time ago by his father's wife - the Queen. This event lead to him becoming a pirate.


Thomas has choppy reddish-brown hair and brown eyes.


  • Pirate Attire: Thomas wears a white long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a red bandanna that's loosely tied, a grey band on his right wrist, short black trousers, a grey sash tied on his waist, and brown gladiator sandals.

More coming soon...


He is very kind, considerate, and very polite. He is not only kind to people but animals as well. He has a mouse who lives with him in his room named "Squeaky" whom he feeds regularly. He also is friends with seagulls. He is also very optimistic and makes the most of things even when things don't seem bright.

Summary of Routes

Coming soon...


  • The other crew members call him "greenhorn".
  • Although it's never been clarified, Thomas could be the cabin boy of the Sirius since he's of low rank and the youngest.

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