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Tantalizing Time Travel: DresVan
Tantalizing Time Travel- DresVan
General Information
No. of Chapters 4
Game Origin Be My Princess
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Sieg Lieben
Price $2.99

Tantalizing Time Travel: DresVan is a sub story from Be My Princess 2 and is a crossover with Be My Princess.


Sieg's grandfather Joshua has you training extra hard! Will igniting Sieg's jealousy mean punishments for you...?!


You go on a date with the other princes when suddenly a man that looks just like Sieg, dressed in the royal attire collapses by the lake. It turns out to be Joshua, Sieg's grandfather. He is not pleased with Sieg marrying a woman of common birth and decides to give you princess lessons. How will Sieg react to you spending so much time with his grandfather, and will Joshua accept you as the future princess of DresVan?


Related Situations

Coming soon...


  • When Joshua questions Hans about him wearing the Lieben coat of arms, Hans answers him but Sieg's sprite is shown instead of Hans.


  • This sub story provides insight on Joshua's whereabouts. It can be assumed that he is deceased prior to the start of the game as the MC states that she has only heard "one side of the story from the Church." and that it's a miracle to be given a chance to speak to him.

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