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Tama's PoV: Hot Times Hot Springs
Tama's PoV- Hot Times Hot Springs infobox
General Information
No. of Chapters 1
Game Origin Our Two Bedroom Story
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Minato, Kaoru, Shusei, Chiaki, Chiaki and Tsumugu
Price $0.99

Tama's PoV: Hot Times Hot Springs is a sub story from Our Two Bedroom Story.


Become Kaoru's cat Tama, and join the guys at Seasonelle at the hot springs! Their topic of choice? A certain girl who has joined Seasonelle... The guys are about to reveal more than they usually do... after all, you are just a cat this time!


Coming soon...



  • Tsumugu comes to the hot springs incognito, after telling the guys he had a personal errand to run and couldn't join them.
  • Shusei has a big rubber duck with him, this is commented on by Minato as a long time possession.
  • There's a photo of all the guys at the hot springs not available for saving at the end of the story.
  • Tama is referred as a "he" instead of a "she".  

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