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Tadanobu Nomura
Tadanobu Nomura Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 野村 忠信
Romaji Name Nomura Tadanobu
Game Debut Metro PD: Close to You
Height 5'10"
Weight 165 lbs
Age 33
Blood Type O
Birthday April 2
Rank Deputy Chief
Fact Master negotiator
CV Miki Shinichiro (Love Scramble)


Tadanobu Nomura is a selectable character from the game Metro PD: Close to You


Nomura graduated from the prestigious Wadeda University in Tokyo in two years instead of the three usually needed to complete the harduous degree he was pursuing, he chose to work for the police in order to have access to the ressources he didn't have as a civilian in order to find the responsibles for the kidnapping and beating of his ex-girlfriend who was trying to save a little boy from being abducted in broad daylight. He feels guilty for not realizing she hadn't disappeared out of her own free will and for being unable to protect her, thus, he dedicated his life to getting justice for her. In the end, he worked so hard he hardly came back home, and lonely, she broke off their engagement to marry another man, however, Nomura still works on the case more than 13 years after the facts, neglecting his health to redeem himself.


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  • Formal Attire:
  • Business Attire:
  • Casual Attire:
  • Sleepwear:


Nomura puts on a fickle front, and acts nonchalent about work, acting like women are his only interest when in reality, he secretly works harder than anyone else, barely getting home to take a shower and changes of clothes. He's flirty but very observant, he goes to greath lenghts to protect the ones he cares about, even at the risk of jeopardizing the career he spent years building.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

It's been 6 months since you've been transferred to 2nd Unit, and you've been assigned a new case, however it is closed on higher-ups' orders before you even find out the motive of the criminal or if he had any accomplices, you secrely keep on digging informations but Nomura finds out and gets angry, he couldn't be involved with a criminal organization related to this case could he ?


You're now Nomura's girlfriend but he's still going on group dates, however you can't bring yourself to tell him to stop, you both end up having the same day off and finally get to spend time together...


A car-jacking ring stole Nomura's car and the members of 2nd Unit were each asked to lead their own small unit to find the culprit, but Nomura seems to not trust your abilities and ordered you to do some paperwork instead, you can't help but be angry and avoid him, but when you think you lost him, you can't help but run back to him.