Sweet Cafe
Sweet Cafe

General Information
Kanji Title 恋Cafe
Romaji Title Koi Cafe
Special Feature Coin Drop
Voltage Tickets
Special Stories
Sweet Cafe - JP Game Icon
Sweet Cafe
is a special Voltage app that incorporates all the characters from the games. They contain special stories that are specific to the app and sometimes even crossovers between two or more games are included. However, not all of Voltage's games are included - dropped games are currently not included.

Each stories can be purchased by exchanging the special item exclusive for this game, Voltage Tickets (There are two ways to obtain the Voltage Ticket; either purchase is with real money or obtain them from purchasing a story from one of the linked Voltage applications). Each story requires different amounts of Voltage Tickets for a possible exchange. However, there are also special images and stories that can only be obtainable via the Coin Drop Game.

This app is also where you can vote for the General Elections (you get ballots by purchasing certain stories of apps) and also view the full results on which character got which place.

It is was released on February 15, 2015 and is available on iOS and Android.


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Available Stories

Special Stories

List of Coin Drop Stories

TOP Page Characters

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Coin Drop

Coin Drop is the name of the game in Sweet Cafe. You play by tapping to drop coins onto a surface, then another surface pushes the coins off of the surface, in which you obtain the coins again. Each time a coin that falls off of the surface and hits a moving heart, a three slot spinner spins, allowing you to win prizes.

There are also different items that can be dropped, which include anything from extra coins, fever (where multiple coins are dropped and multiple spins are gained, the duration is about thirty seconds), boosts or actions from the chibis.

Logging in daily will allow you to acquire more coins.

Special Images


Coming soon...


  • It was released a week or two after Star-Crossed Myth.
  • In Japan, it is called Koi Cafe, which translates to "Love Cafe."
    • The Voltage Tickets are called Latte Tickets.

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