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Sweet & Spicy ~Private Lessons from the Gods~
Sweet and Spicy
General Information
No. of Chapters 5
Game Origin Star-Crossed Myth
No. of Endings 2
Characters Included Karno, Zyglavis
Price $2.99

Sweet & Spicy ~Private Lessons from the Gods is a sub story from Star-Crossed Myth


Karno & Zyglavis saved you when you fell off the roof!? Get up-close and personal with the two gods during 5 days of private lessons!



Karno teaches you about the Department of Wishes, and as you two spend more time together, you feel closer to Karno, and before you know it, Karno has captured your heart.


Zyglavis shows and teaches you about the Department of Punishments, and you don't like seeing humans being punished and Zyglavis' strict demeanor. However, as you spend more time with him, you learn more things you never knew would be in Zyglavis, and you find yourself caring more and more for him...



  • This story's "Spicy Ending" is Zyglavis, while "Sweet Ending" is Karno's ending. However, this is ironic in terms of their favorite food; Karno likes spicy food, yet gets a "sweet" ending, while Zyglavis likes sweets (chocolate ganache), yet has a "spicy" ending.
  • In Zyglavis' ending, you take him to see a movie called "Our Townhouse Story", which is parody of the game Our Two Bedroom Story

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