Here's layout code for every Voltage sub story article. If you wish to create (or edit) a new article about a new game, please copy this code and fill it with the necessary information for the article. Also put Coming soon... or More coming soon... when needed.

For a good example of a sub story page, see At the Mercy of Revance and My Royal Wedding -A Forged Wedding Crossover-

Syntax Code

Copy & Pasting this way only works if you create a page in with source editor and pasting this and then going to visual editor to fill out the sub stories infobox.


'''Name of sub story''' is a sub story from game. 




==Related Situations==


This will work when you're creating a page and directly starting from the source editor.

|Sub Story Title = 
|image = 
|imagewidth = 300px
|kanji = 
|romaji = 
|Number of chapters = 
|title of the game origin = [[ ]]
|number of endings = 
|List of characters included = [[ ]]
|price of the sub story = $ .99
'''Name of sub story''' is a sub story from [[(insert game here)]]




==Related Situations==


The Results

Sub Story Info Example Page
General Information
No. of Chapters {{{Number of chapters}}}
Game Origin {{{title of the game origin}}}
No. of Endings {{{number of endings}}}
Characters Included {{{List of characters included}}}
Price {{{price of the sub story}}}

Name of sub story is a sub story from game.



Related Situations



  • Related Situations only contribute to crossover stories.
  • Make sure to mention if the sub story is a crossover or not.
  • For the info-box image, make sure it remains at 300px; do not change it while editing a page, or otherwise it will end up out-of-proportion.