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Soichi Kiyota
Soichi Kiyota - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 清田 創一
Romaji Name Kiyota Sōichi
Game Debut Kiss Me on Clover Hill
Height 5'7"
Weight 125 lbs
Age 21
Blood Type A
Area of Study Architect
Birthday August 24
CV Takayuki Kondō
Hiroki Takahashi (Love Days)

Soichi Kiyota is one of the selectable characters from Kiss Me on Clover Hill.


Soichi's grandfather was a well-known and respected architect; in fact, he designed and built Clover Hill. Soichi admired his grandfather and was inspired to become an architect because of him. However, his father, a powerful politician, is vehemently against his decision to pursue the same career of his grandfather. Instead, he wishes for him to follow in his career path and become a politician.


Soichi has messy neck-length gray hair and gray eyes.


  • Casual Attire: He wears a white t-shirt underneath an grey blazer. He also wears a necklace.
  • House Attire: He wears a tan-colored pullover hooded sweatshirt.


Soichi is described as a tsundere; cold and harsh initially, but he becomes very warm and caring once he begins to like you. Soichi has a tendency to get irritated easily and often has an attitude problem towards others. He also tends to speak rudely, but then not really regret it later unless its someone he really cares about. When he initially tries to get you to leave, it's not out of any disdain towards you; it's more out of concern because you're one girl in a house full of men. However, in spite of his negative traits, he is romantic, considerate, and gentle towards you.

Summary of Routes

Season of Love

Coming soon...

Season of Luck

Coming soon...

Season of Hope

Coming soon...

Season of Faith

Coming soon...


  • Yusuke often calls him "Soh" while Bunta refers to him as "Kiyo" occasionally.
  • Soichi is Kazuto's younger cousin. It's implied that he is his cousin on his fathers side.
  • Soichi hates tomatoes that are cooked, but loves them uncooked.

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