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Shohei Aiba
Shohei Aiba - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 相葉翔平
Romaji Name Aiba Shōhei
Game Debut In Your Arms Tonight
Birthday October 3
Job Title Head Designer, Ichikawa Design Group
Age 32
Personality Kind

Shohei Aiba is a selectable character from the game In Your Arms Tonight. He is your co-worker who has been in love with you for eight years.


Shohei is the team leader of the designing team, joining the same time as you. His father's name is Akira.

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Shohei has slightly wavy brown hair and brown eyes.


  • Formal Attire: It consists of a navy blue silk dress shirt, and a beige suit with brown loafers.
  • Work Attire: It is similar to his formal attire.
  • Casual Attire: Coming Soon...
  • Sleepwear: He wears a simple bath robe.


Shohei is much more then just your average sweet guy, and is a far more beyond caring character compared to the other 'nice' guys of the Voltage Inc. Franchise (Haruki, Nao, Megeru, etc). Shohei is a caring young man, and cares more for the benefits of others then rather himself. Despite fact of loving MC for a very long time, when given the chance to keep her for himself, he tries his best to repair the bonds between her and her cheating husband, for he knows how happy she was with her husband. Shohei shines in almost anyone's route,been the kind and considerate friend who will always support you.

Shohei lacks a bit of humility as seen in the prologue, he says he is nice, has a good job and thinks of himself as cool.

It is very debatable to call Shohei, undependable as he is a very reliable person. It may be because of his messy habits, he is more unreliable with his own life much more then others

Shohei cares for the well being of others much more then himself and on top is you. Shohei would be the most supportive male character (Koichi cheated, Genji disregards your feelings and focuses on himself, Kiyoto is a free spirit with not much of a care) even when you're not playing his route.

When he meets Genji he is slightly intimidated and his self-esteem is lowered by been called "short stuff".

Summary of Routes

Main Story

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Wedding Vows

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  • The other male characters often make fun of Shohei's height, with Kiyoto calling him "little Shohei" and Genji referring to him as "short stuff." He is most likely of average height with the others simply being taller than he is.
Shohei Aiba

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