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Shingo Kai
Shingo Kai - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 甲斐晋吾
Romaji Name Kai Shingo
Game Debut Office Secrets
Infinite Inc Position Planning Team 2, Business Development Dept.
Age 24
Blood Type B
Birthday April 3rd
Zodiac Sign Aries
Personality Second to none at mental calculations, math whiz
Background Poached from a rival company

Shingo Kai is one of your co-workers and a romance option from Office Secrets.


Shingo was head-hunted from Infinite Inc.'s rival company, Maruyama Inc. While working for Maruyama, he was responsible for their biggest brands success. The brand, called "Kitora," is endorsed by many famous actors and actresses.

He is highly intelligent and very good with numbers, remembering almost anything that includes numbers in it. With the expert ability to do complex mental calculations, he currently holds the title of champion of the Japan Mental Arithmetic Tournament.


Shingo has smooth jet black hair with long bangs that's parted on his left, and rimless glasses over his gray eyes.


  • Business Attire: He wears a white dress shirt paired with a stripped tan, black and white tie underneath a black suit jacket.
  • Casual Attire: He wears a baby blue button up dress shirt underneath a teal cardigan.
  • Sleepwear: Coming soon...


Initially, Shingo is portrayed as an emotionless, hard-working machine who is frighteningly good at math. He is often referred to as some sort of cyborg. Over time, he begins to open up to you and you realize that he does have emotions. However, he keeps his emotions separate from his work because he believes they will interfere. In addition, he has severe trust issues and often keeps people at a distance because of it.

Shingo is very quiet and rarely socializes, giving others the impression that he is unsociable. He will only respond to you if you ask a sensible question, ignoring practically anything else, including idle chit chat. Although he is often quiet, he is very kind, considerate, and even romantic.

Summary of Routes

As a member of the New Division, you are assigned the role of deputy lead to assist Shingo as he directs the team concerning a new project: merging with a smaller company and launching a new lingerie line. With Shingo’s leadership, the project overcomes its first hurdles.  However, the office and company are thrown into a panic when confidential information about the project is leaked.  Who is responsible for the leak? Does New Division have a spy amongst its cubicles? And who is the beautiful girl you spot Shingo talking to from the rival company he was poached from one night on your way home?


  • Shingo loves cars and is very knowledgeable of them. He owns an imported vintage hot-rod that he loves to drive. Although impossible, he would also love to own and drive an F1 car.
  • He hates carrots and cucumbers.

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