A list of supporting and antagonistic characters of that appear in Serendipity Next Door.



Your boss and friend who is an admirable divorcee and a huge fan of OMI.


Your co-worker who has loved Shoko for almost 6 years and is a rather caring person.


Your oldest brother who works as a fisherman. He is very protective towards you and very traditional. He's is a fan of Riko Shinohara from Nana Clover 48.


Your second oldest brother, whom you affectionately calls "Kous". He works in the city and loves you as much as Koudai, but is not as protective.

Seita and Mitsuko Ohsawa

A married couple who lives in the same apartment complex as you and everyone; they live on the fourth floor. Seita and his wife, Mitsuko are very kind and generous people. Mitsuko often gives you advice when you ask for it. Mitsuko, you and Keiichi often have girls' night at each other's apartments. Keiichi finds her sexy and although you don't swing that way, you agree. When asked how she is sexy, she says, she hasn't done anything to become that way.

Masaomi's Route

Ayana Hanazono

A famous model/actress and a member of Nana Clover 48. She is Masaomi's childhood friend who's dating his older brother Masatoshi. Masaomi dislikes her.

Masatoshi Hibiya

Masaomi's older brother and Ayana's boyfriend. He appears in the white day sub story in the JP version.

Izumi's Route

Coming soon...

Shinobu's Route

Coming soon...

Jinpachi's Route

Coming soon...

Keiichi's Route

Ren Shiina

Is a celebrity friend of Keiichi's. Ren was chosen to be on the ad campaign you are working on at work. They developed a friendship when Keiichi first started his career and worked with him for some time. Ren is very friendly, though pushy and insightful, able to detect that you're in love with someone else. When rejected, he accepts it without any issue and will remain professional.

Masumi Tokiwa

She is Keiichi's older sister, who randomly dropped by her brother's house. Keiichi is very adamante that you keep his alter ego "Bryon" a secret from her.

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