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Secret Blessing from the Gods: ~Wishes~
Secret Blessing from the Gods- Wishes
General Information
No. of Chapters 2 per character
Game Origin Star-Crossed Myth
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Leon, Teorus and Huedhaut
Price $2.99

Secret Blessing from the Gods: ~Wishes~ is a sub story from Star-Crossed Myth.


The gods are working hard to surprise you! Are you ready to accept their gifts of love?


Leon: A More Romantic, Dramatic Love

After talking with some co-workers you're scared that Leon might be thinking of breaking up with you. Your suspicion grows when the other gods tell you that he's been visiting earth more often than he's come to visit you. Might he even be cheating on you!?

Teorus: From the Most Beautiful Man in the World

Teorus is interviewed for an article about White Day in a popular men's magazine, when the magazine comes out you spot a survey done by the different guys in the article, saying that men find that their girlfriends doesn't make enough effort to look cute. Determined, you start taking better care of yourself by eating healthier and exercising more...

Huedhaut: An Enchanting Cocktail

Huedhaut isn't interested in contributing to the consumerism that is White Day, but still invites you on a date on white day. The night before, you have a very interesting dream about how you and Huedhaut are going to spend the night...!



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