Santa Claus Husband: Tamaki
Santa Claus Huband Tamaki info
General Information
No. of Chapters 3
Game Origin My Forged Wedding
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Tamaki Kikushima
Price $1.99

Santa Claus Husband: Tamaki is a sub story from My Forged Wedding.


"Christmas is lame" You fight with Tamaki, who mocks Christmas, but he has something secretly planned for you?


A day before Christmas comes and you wonder what is that you want to Tamaki since he has everything he ever wants. While you are trying to get clues to what it is that he wants, you begin to argue about Christmas period. Tamaki thinks it's a waste to celebrate, but protest. Deciding to go out for a walk you seeing happy couples at the park you hoped that it'd be you and Tamaki, but sadly it wasn't or so you thought ..




  • Tamaki wants you think he isn't interested in Christmas to make your present even better
    • He has fireworks going off for you and the park emptied.
  • You make him a scarf that he proudly wears.
    • You felt a certain way when he tosses it to the ground as you both make love.

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