Sakura Amidst Chaos
Tenka Touitsu Koi no Ran Title
Kanji 天下統一恋の乱
Romaji Tenka Tōitsu Koi no Ran
English World Unification: Whirlwind of Love
Release Date October 1, 2014 (JP)
June 2, 2015 (ENG)
Movie JP

In a time of war...
The strongest warriors appear to bring peace to the land...
And you meet the man of your destiny.

Romance blossoms as you spend your days among the samurai...
“I’ll make you the happiest woman in the land.”

Your love with the hero deepens as you risk your life and overcome the odds,
and he only reveals his true self to you.
“No matter what anyone says, I want to be like this with you...”

A love story that changes history begins now!

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

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Sakura Amidst Chaos is an otome game by Voltage Inc. The story takes place in the Sengoku time period in ancient Japan. The characters are also based on famous warlords of the Sengoku period.

It is available on iOS and Android.


Sakura Amidst Chaos - Opening Movie Voltage

Sakura Amidst Chaos - Opening Movie Voltage

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The Characters

Main Characters

SAC Charac Intro
Sakura Amidst Chaos - Relationship Chart

Nobunaga Oda

A confident an arrogant daimyo of the Owari Province who saved you from enemies when you were 13.

Kenshin Uesugi

A daimyo of the Echigo Province who is a lover of all things beautiful and very popular with women.

Ieyasu Tokugawa

A shogun who possesses a youthful charm and a gentle touch.

Yukimura Sanada

A samurai with a rough exterior who has a gentle heart.

Masamune Date

A cool and aloof daimyo who doesn't let his feelings show, but has a shy side.

Mitsuhide Akechi

A calm and intelligent man who serves under Nobunaga.

Kanetsugu Naoe

He is based on the samurai who served the Uesugi household, Naoe Kanetsugu.

Saizou Kirigakure

He is based on the famous ninja of the Juuyuushi Sanada (Sanada Ten Braves), Kirigakure Saizou.

Mitsunari Ishida

He is based on the samurai, Ishida Mitsunari.

Kojurou Katakura

He is based on the head of the Katakakura Clan that served the Date Clan.

Kiyomasa Katou

He is based on the daimyo during the edo period, Katou Kiyomasa.

Takeda Shingen

Based on the daimyo, Shingen Takeda.

Hanzou Hattori

Based on the samurai and ninja who is famous for saving Tokugawa Ieyasu, Hattori Hanzou.

Minor Characters

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Available Stories

Note: Characters in bold are only available in the Japanese version and has yet to be translated.

  • Oda Nobunaga
  • Uesugi Kenshin
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu
  • Sanada Yukimura
  • Date Masamune
  • Akechi Mitsuhide
  • Naoe Kanetsugu
  • Kirigakure Saizou
  • Ishida Mitsunari
  • Katakura Kojurou
  • Kato Kiyomasa
  • Shingen Takeda
  • Hattori Hanzou

  • Oda Nobunaga
  • Uesugi Kenshin
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu
  • Sanada Yukimura
  • Date Masamune

  • Oda Nobunaga
  • Uesugi Kenshin
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu
  • Sanada Yukimura
  • Date Masamune

  • A Little Tryst
  • I'll Steal You Away
  • White Wedding
  • Blushing Bride
  • Special Image Set - Oda Nobunaga
  • Special Image Set - Uesugi Kenshin
  • Pillow Book - Oda Nobunaga
  • Pillow Book - Uesugi Kenshin
  • Special Image Set - Tokugawa Ieyasu
  • Special Image Set - Sanada Yukimura
  • Special Image Set - Date Masamune
  • Pillow Book - Tokugawa Ieyasu
  • Pillow Book - Sanada Yukimura
  • Pillow Book - Date Masamune


  • The main characters are designed by Itaru while the minor characters and the swords are designed by hiramayu
  • The game's Party version has all twelve selectable characters paired up and belonging to the same common route and their single route is chosen from there.
    • The characters from the non-Party version are present in the game but their appearances (excluding Date Masamune, whose appearance remains the same) have been significantly altered.
    • There are also new selectable characters.
  • In Sweet Cafe, you can read the prologue before its release.
  • Despite the 13 bachelors, only Oda Nobunaga, Uesugi Kenshin, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Sanada Yukimura, and Date Masamune appear in the prologue.
  • This is first Voltage game where the English translation follows the traditional name order in Japan, which is last name and then first.
    • This is also the first Voltage game to be released in English after the Invite a Friend Campaign had ended.
  • The Sengoku period was from 1467 to 1603, and given how the characters are based on historical figures, the time could be set around mid to late 16th century.
  • This game has the most bachelors to choose from.