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Riki Yanase
Riki Yanase - Profile
General information
Kanji Name 柳瀬流輝
Romaji Name Yanase Riki
Height 5'11"/178 cm
Weight 165 lbs
Age 27
Blood Type O
Day Job Government Official
Birthday August 22
Often Says "Hey, I'm getting hungry."
Weakness Acts like a lonely, spoiled child when drunk


Riki is one of the selectable characters in Love Letter from Thief X. He is the leader of the Black Foxes.


Much of his childhood is little known except that his father is a politician and his mother died when he was ten, shortly after his sister Ibuki was born. He grew up with Takuto, Kenshi, Hiro, and Atsumu who's great-grandfathers was friends with his great-grandfather.

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Riki has slightly messy black hair with long bangs and blue-grey eyes.


  • Work/Formal Attire: He wears a black suit with a yellow tie, and in later seasons he wears a blue tie.
  • Casual Attire: He wears a white t-shirt under a tan jacket and jeans and sometime he wears blue top with short seelves and some white lines on it and long necklace and jeans
  • Mission Attire: This outfit consists of a black leather jacket and fingerless gloves, a black shirt and pants.
  • Winter Attire: Coming soon...


Riki can come off arrogant and demanding, but he's a very responsible person and often puts everyone's needs before his own. He's very level-headed, clever, good at planning and organizing which makes him a good leader. He has low alcohol tolerance so he easily gets drunk and when he does, he becomes very needy and act like a spoiled child, and he likes to get drunk alot with the guys and you

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Summary of Routes

Main Story

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Sequel Epilogue

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The Proposal

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An Engaging Mission

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Licensed to Wed

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The Wedding

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  • He graduated from Cambridge University.
  • Riki has a tendency to smoke sometimes and says that he only smokes the finest cigars.
  • He's one of the most elite government officials of the Ministry of Finance.
  • Riki can speak French, Russian and Italian. 
  • The members of Black Foxes say that he's always been the best in everything he does, and that this was even the case when they were kids.  
  • Hiro often calls him "Rikkun".
  • He's the only member of the Black Foxes who's great-grandfather is seen alive.  

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