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Reina Miyata
Reina Miyata

General Information
Kanji Name 宮田 れいな
Romaji Name Miyata Reina
Game Debut Liar! Office Deception
Age 25
Birthday March 31
Gender Female
Job Position Merchandising Assistant
Height 5'2" / 158 cm
Blood Type AB
Hobby Making Accessories
Personality Sweet and Doe-eyed

Reina Miyata is one of your co-workers from D-Team in Liar! Office Deception and a potential spy.


Reina was always popular with the guys at work which annoyed the female coworkers and they always taunt and call her a kiss ass when she is polite with the men. One day she was walking in the halls and she heard your voice which made her look your way and her love for you began. However the females noticed Reina and led her to the bathroom which they assault her, but you came to her rescue. A year later, you join the D-Team becoming its leader and vaguely remember seeing Reina and secretly excites her as she has been keeping tabs on you since that meeting in the bathroom where you rescued her. With you even closer now, her unrequited love begins.


Reina Miyata - Profile

Reina has slender light brown eyes, full pink lips, and mid-length strawberry blonde hair that curls on the ends. She also wears a variety of nail polish.


  • Work Attire: Reina wears a white collared and pink dress and white platforms.


Reina is very charming as all the people tend to hit on her, but she brushes them off.

Summary of Routes

Liar's Route

Distraught after uncovering the last liar, you decide to relax when suddenly you hear a flash and you turn around. You're determined to find the source of the noise and chase after that person. However you end up at a dead end, so you rush to the 10th floor and find the team there. Someone took that photo, and is the same footsteps that you heard following you, could Reina be your stalker?


  • She's the shortest co-worker.
  • Her weight is 95 lbs.
  • Reina loves getting trendy nails designs.
  • Although men fawn over Reina, she has the slightest interest in them yet the women think she's kissing ass.
  • Reina isn't responsible with her money as she has often consigned things.
  • She's the only other member own the team to have a pet.
    • She has a pet cat named Mimi.
  • She's seemingly into BDSM.

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