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Rein Isaka
Rein Isaka - Intro

General Information
Kanji Name 伊坂蓮音
Romaji Name Isaka Rein
Game Debut 10 Days with My Devil
Height 5'9"
Weight 155 lbs
Often Says "I didn't do anything!"
Interests TV comedies
Race Angel
Birthday November 14


Rein Isaka is one of the angels who can be chosen in the game 10 Days with My Devil.


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Rein has neck-length black hair and gray eyes.


  • Angel Business Attire: Rein wears a white suit, pink dress shirt and a deep red tie.
  • Casual Attire: Rein wears a buttonless navy dress-shirt with it's first few buttons undone. Over it, he wears a grey v-neck sweater and a brown jacket. He wears long black pants.


Rein speaks in an Irish accent and is quirky, clumsy and strange.

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Summary of Routes

Main Story

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  • Rein's name sounds identical to the word "rain". It is also written with the Japanese characters for "temple" and "sound". This is a reference to him being born in a temple.
    • Both Haruhito and Rein have weather related names that are considered opposites. Since they used to be partners, this is a perfect example of "opposites attract".
  • Rein picked up his up his accent from his father, who is always away for work. This is why Rein's brother and sister don't have an accent.
    • Rein's brother and sister, Shu and Kaede, are twins.
  • In Kakeru's route, Rein reveals that his mother almost died giving birth to him, and that she thanked The Lord he was born safely.
  • In Rein's sequel, when Rein finds you in a room with Prince Rui, he tells him not to take you away from him. This could mean Rui has a reputation for stealing the hearts of multiple women, including married women. Though Rein could of just said this out of jealousy and/or possessiveness.
    • Rui could also be somewhat of a flirt if not a playboy, as both Kakeru and Rein are extra possessive of the MC when Rui interacts with her.

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