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Pirates in Love: Captain's Cut
Pirates in Love - Captain's Cut Title
Kanji 恋に落ちた海賊王
Romaji Koi ni Ochita Kaizokuou
English Falling in Love with the Pirate King
Release Date June 25, 2011 (JP)
July 29, 2011 (ENG)
June 22, 2017 (Captain's Cut)
Movie Old Version

"Get ready to set sail on a journey filled with adventure, danger, and LOVE...!"

Pirates in Love has been revamped, and now features the original Japanese art!!

Experience another heart-pounding voyage with your beloved pirates in the Captain's Cut edition!

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

PILCC Game Icon
Pirates in Love: Captain's Cut is a revamped version of the otome game Pirates in Love. After escaping some thugs, you accidentally end up on a pirate ship and fall in love with a pirate.

The game has it's own app and is available for Android and iTunes.

The old version is still available for Android and iPhone. However, it's not compatible for iPads.

On September 4, 2017, it's older version will no longer be available for download and will be removed from both the iTunes and Google Play store. However, for those who have downloaded the game before this date, the app will remain and the stories will be free to read.


Pirates in Love Captain's Cut - OP00:42

Pirates in Love Captain's Cut - OP

Coming soon...


Coming soon...

The Characters

Main Characters

Pirates in Love - Captain's Cut - Info
Pirates in Love - Captain's Cut - Info 2


A rude and simple-minded swordsman who aims to become the next Pirate King, but he's caring under his rough exterior.


Sirius' navigator who's cold and sadistic towards you, but has a hidden charm he's at first reluctant to show.


Sirius' doctor who's kindhearted and very reliable, but can be somewhat dense.


Sirius' chef who's quiet but ruthless towards his enemies and anyone who disturbs his kitchen or wastes food.


The youngest member of Sirius who's polite and easygoing.


Captain of the Sirius and the Pirate King who's quite the ladies man and an alcoholic with a high alcohol tolerance, but he's a devoted captain who looks out for his crew, women, and children.


Captain of the Rika who has a rivalry with Ryuga and his crew. He falls in love with you and often tries to steal you away.


A navy captain who's strict and unapproachable, but has a good sense of justice and a soft spot for his cat, Myumyu.

Minor Characters

Main article: Pirates in Love: Captain's Cut Minor Characters

Available Stories


  • The characters are designed by Sou Kirishima
  • This is the first of the older Voltage games to be revamped.

    The older English title page.

  • Unlike the new English version, the Japanese version does not have an opening movie or the sliding bar on the stories.
  • This game has only three music tracks, which makes it the game with the least music tracks out of all of the Voltage games.
  • The old version is the only Voltage game where it's only downloadable on phone.
  • Before the revamped, this was the first and only Voltage game where the characters' names had been change in the English version.
    • It's also the only game where two characters' appearances are altered for the English version.

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