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Pirates in Love
Kanji 恋に落ちた海賊王
Romaji Koi ni Ochita Kaizokuou
English Falling in Love with the Pirate King
Release Date June 25, 2011 (JP)
July 29, 2011 (ENG)
Movie ENG
Main Theme Song
Pirates in Love Main Theme
PIL - JP Game Icon
Pirates in Love is an otome game by Voltage Inc. You end up on a pirate ship where you fall in love with a pirate.

It is currently available for Android and iPhone.

So far, there has been a cease of updates for this game.


Pirates in Love00:33

Pirates in Love.mp4

While your employer is out, you are working in a bar when you are harassed by some thugs and end up being saved by two pirates. You run away from the scene and end up getting chased by the same thugs. You then hide inside a barrel and get taken aboard a ship sailed by the Sirius crew. When you are discovered you learn that you out at open sea and the captain asks you which crew member you want to room with since there are no spare rooms.


Coming soon...

The Characters

Main Characters

PIL Chara Intro


One of the crew members on board Sirius who aims to become the next Pirate King. He's rude and simple-minded, but he's caring under his rough exterior. He wields two swords when fighting.


The navigator aboard the Sirius ship. He's usually cold, claiming he wants to throw you overboard several times, but has a hidden charm he's at first reluctant to show. He uses a flintlock pistol when fighting.


The doctor on board Sirius. He is kind to all around him, often wanting to help others, and very reliable, but can be somewhat dense. He uses martial arts when fighting.


The chef on board Sirius. He is quiet but can be kind and considerate, however, he can be very ruthless if someone disturbs his kitchen or wastes food. He uses a sickle and chain when fighting.


The newest member of Sirius next to you. He is kind, very polite, and usually given the hard labor on the ship because of his rank, but he does it with a smile. He uses a wooden sword when fighting.


The captain of the Sirius crew and the Pirate King. He's quite the ladies man and an alcoholic with a high alcohol tolerance, but he's a devoted captain who looks out for his crew, women, and children. He fights with two swords.


The captain of the Rika crew who has a rivalry with Morgan. He continuously tracks the Sirius crew, either picking fights or trying to steal their treasure. He falls in love with you and often tries to steal you away from the Sirius crew. He fights with a sword and flintlock.


A navy captain. He is very principled and may seem hard to approach, but is understanding and very kind. He has a soft spot for his cat, Myumyu, and you as well.

Minor Characters


A female pirate on the Rika. She has a large build and perfectly capable of holding her own. She's often loud and unfiltered with her words, but she's passionate and loyal, especially to her captain Alan. Depending on what route you play, Fuzzy is usually in love with the same person you fall in love with, but she's generally fond of Eduardo and Christopher. She has a strong rivalry with Russell, who often calls her a gorilla and she calls him a monkey, but she has a crush on him in his route. Despite you being an enemy and love rival, she considers you a friend.


Fuzzy's mild-mannered brother who navigates the Rika. He is usually only on the Rika and rarely gets off.

Tom and Colin

Twin pirates on the Rika. They look up to their captain and are never seen apart.


A member of the Yamoto police. In Alan's sequel, he goes undercover and becomes a member of the Rika pirates in order to investigate Alan's past crime, but later becomes a permanent member. He has an intensive sweet tooth.


Leonardo's beloved cat. She's a calico cat that wears a red bandana on her neck and is often known for her strange mewing, hence her name. Along with her owner, she has an affinity towards you. Accordingly to Leonardo, she dislikes strange men such as Alan.  


Nathan's childhood friend. She was thought to have died in a house fire set by bandits when she was a child, but later gets reunited with Nathan. 


Thomas' father and a king.


Thomas' step mother and a queen. She wants nothing more than to see her son, Leon, on the throne.


Thomas' half-brother, a prince. He has strong feelings for you and often teases that he we will be waiting when you choose to leave Thomas.


A pirate captain in Morgan's story.


A pirate captain in Morgan's story.


A pirate captain in Morgan's story.

Available Stories

  • Russell
  • Eduardo
  • Christopher
  • Nathan
  • Thomas
  • Morgan
  • Alan
  • Leonardo

  • Russell
  • Eduardo
  • Christopher
  • Nathan
  • Thomas
  • Morgan
  • Alan
  • Leonardo

  • Russell
  • Eduardo
  • Christopher
  • Nathan
  • Thomas
  • Morgan
  • Alan
  • Leonardo

  • Russell
  • Eduardo
  • Christopher
  • Nathan
  • Thomas
  • Morgan
  • Alan

  • Mystery Island
  • Summer Fireworks
  • Field Day in the Moonlight
  • Aboard the Casino 
  • The Fairyland 
  • A Pirate Christmas 
  • Christmas with the Captains 
  • The Haunted Ship 
  • Valentine Kingdom 
  • The Kiss 
  • The Underwater Palace 
  • Club Sirius
  • Nathan's Special
  • The Big Cleanup 
  • A Pirate's Holiday
  • Combo Story
  • A Liquor Law's Secret
  • Boys of the Ball 
  • Pirates and Bodyguards 
  • Two Castaways
  • A New Job for a Pirate
  • Sweet Temptations in Candyland


  • Christopher and Eduardo are the only characters whose appearance have been altered.
    • The reason for Christopher's alteration is for cultural diversity while Eduardo was altered due to unknown reasons.
  • Pirates in Love - Title (JP)

    Japanese Opening Picture

    The Japanese app has updated the game's functions and layout seen in the new games, including adding the starting picture.
  • This is the first and only Voltage game where the characters' names has been change in the English version
    • It's also the only game where two characters' appearances are altered for the English version. 
  • The characters are designed by Sou Kirishima

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