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The minor characters from Our Two Bedroom Story contribute to the progress and events of each characters' routes.



Your mother who raised you after her husband (i.e. your father) died when you were in elementary school. Unbeknownst to you, she'd been dating a middle-aged man who has made her happy and wants to marry him, but was worried that you might be against it. She was pleased with your approval and also happy that she'll gain a son through her new husband. Prior to the events of the story, you've been living with your mother but after she gets engaged, you decide to move out so that you wouldn't spoil their newlywed life, which is how your soon-to-be stepfather offers a place to live that's also being occupied by his son.

Tamaki Horiguchi

Tamaki is one of your best friends at Shiki Publishing and you often call her Tam. In Kaoru's route, you think she's Kaoru's girlfriend but you misunderstood by Kaoru's cat Tama. In the Season 2 prologue she gets engaged.


Kaoru's beloved tabby cat. You call her "kitty" but learn that her name's Tama from Kaoru; he was embarrassed to call her name. Kaoru had found her abandoned shortly after his girlfriend died and adopted her. She's initially shy towards you, but she eventually likes you. She also dislikes Shusei for calling her "Tamster'.

Johichiro Fukuyama

A photographer at Shiki Publishing.


A bartender who likes Akiyoshi, but it's unclear if he sees him romantically or as a friend.

Kagetora Oji

An editor of the new Saison department who is strict and has a unfriendly demeanor. He appears in Season 3.


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Minato's Route

Kiichi Ishimatsu

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Kazuyuki Shizu

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Wataru Okouchi

Minato's younger brother. He's a famous chef.


Minato's grandfather who lives in Spain.

Kaoru's Route


An Erotic Novelist who writes a few stories for Seasonelle.

Kaede Tachibana

A famous actress you are doing a story on. You two bond over the fact that you two both have the same dolphin keychain. You find out that she has a secret child, named Momo and that she's a single mother after falling pregnant with an affair with a famous politician. you two become very close.

Momo Tachibana

Kaede's daughter. You encounter her in front of your temporary apartment building looking for Tama. She has a crush on Kaoru and likes to play with Tama.


The vocalist of the popular band "Love Bugs". While you're doing a story on him, he manufactures a scandal that makes it look like the two of you are having an affair.

Shusei's Route


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Chiaki's Route


Natsuko is an author who in these recent years, has stopped writing. However, you convince her to write for Seasonelle. She is bisexual.

Chris Brown

Chris is a young 18 year old photography prodigy and the son of Anne Brown a lawyer from America. He is ¼ Japanese and comes to Japan to showcase some of his recent photos, then later comes to study for a while. It is also revealed in Chiaki's proposal that he is his half-brother.

Anne Brown

Chiaki's and Chris mother.


Kagetora's pushy and meddlesome older sister. She constantly pressures him to get married in order to help their household. Her husband is a famous artist who wishes to draw you naked. She's the reason why Kagetora has you form a fake relationship so she will get off his back, but in the end she accepts his decision to be single.

Akiyoshi's Route


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Coming soon...


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You and Akiyoshi meet Dongcheng in Las Vegas, and he is uncannily similar to Bianchi. Akiyoshi gets increasingly jealous as he thinks that Dongcheng is interested you. In the end it turns out that Dongcheng mistook Akiyoshi and you for siblings, and were actually romantically interested in Akiyoshi.

Tsumugu's Route

Mizuki Kido

The younger sister of Tsumugu and twin sister of Sakura. She is the CEO of her own IT company.

Sakura Kido

Tsumugu's younger sister and Mizuki's twin sister who likes to pretend to be her. Prior to Tsumugu meeting you she was the only Kido sibling to be married.

Sazuku Kido

Tsumugu's younger brother who was born with a weak heart. His name is a combination of three siblings "Sa" from Sakura, "Zu" from Mizuki, and "Ku" from Tsumugu ("Ku" sounds like "gu").His older siblings are often overprotective of him due to his delicate state. His siblings often refer him as an angel. He appears in Season 2.

Ayame's Route

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Hinata's Route

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  • Your stepfather and your love interest's father is a major character, but lacks a name and a sprite.

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