Our Childhood Story: Tsumugu
Our Childhood Story Tsumugu
General Information
No. of Chapters 5 + His PoV
Game Origin Our Two Bedroom Story
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Tsumugu Kido
Price $3.99

Our Childhood Story: Tsumugu is a sub story from Our Two Bedroom Story.


What if back in elementary school you visited Osaka for a summer... See Tsumugu as an elementary school student and also as a high school student! Love takes a fantastic turn!


When you're in first grade of elementary school you and your mother goes to live with your grandmother in Osaka. She lives next door to the Kido family. You and Tsumugu quickly becomes friends, but when you're in third grade you move with your mother back to Tokyo. Summer vacation after your first year in high school your mother goes on a business trip and sends you to stay with your grandmother in Osaka. You reunite with the Kidos and slowly you're starting to realise that Tsumugu is more than just a childhood friend to you...


  • Tsumugu and Sazuki were pretty much identical when they were in elementary school.
  • In addition to seeing Tsumugu as an elementary school student and as a high school student, you'll get to see Mizuki and Sakura as middle school students and Sazuki as an elementary school student.

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