Nine O'clock Secrets
Nine O'clock Secrets
General Information
No. of Chapters 1 + short story
Game Origin Scandal in the Spotlight
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Kota Igarashi
Price $0.99

Nine O'clock Secrets is a sub story from Scandal in the Spotlight.


Since the guys are not home yet, you get alone time with Kota on his room. It was just getting started, but after 9 o'clock pm strikes, the guys goes home so the alone time for both of you are over?!


You and Kota can't find a second alone. You two planned a date and it seems like, at long last, it'll just be you two for the night.. But an intruder is threatening to ruin your night!


  • When clicking the Read Episodes for this sub story, instead of having the episode and a short story as labels, the short story is mistakenly labeled as "His PoV"
  • In this sub story, it is shown that if Kota wants to be alone with you, he wants the guys not around.

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