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Nighttime is Sublime -Yamato-
Nighttime is Sublime -Yamato- Info
General Information
No. of Chapters 3
Game Origin My Wedding and 7 Rings
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Yamato
Price $1.99

Nighttime is Sublime -Yamato- is a sub story from My Wedding and 7 Rings.


Yamato's back to teaching as a part of a new project...!? Seeing how much he loves it only stirs up complicated feelings...


As part of research for the training department Yamato is going to work at a high school for two weeks. After his first day you notice how enthusiastic Yamato is about teaching, saying that the classroom might be his natural habitat. At this you start getting anxious, wondering if Yamato's going to be happy as a company president, but you decide that you're just over thinking things. One day Yamato forgets his boxed lunch and you go to deliver it to him at school, and you get to see with your own eyes how much the students adore him. The next day you plan on going on a date together, but Yamato cancels last minute because of some issues with a student, he doesn't come home until after you've fallen asleep and leaves before you get up the next morning. Seeing that you are worried, Ren ask you about what's wrong and you put your worries to words. Ren comforts you, and you calm down and decide to talk things out with Yamato. On the way home, you spot Yamato trying to get in contact with a students parents. When Yamato comes home that night you try to talk to him, but your worries gets the best of you, and you end up snapping at him and going to bed in the guest room. The next day, after apologizing for your behaviour on the phone to Yamato, you spot one of his students looking a bit odd. You tell Yamato and go after the student to check that he's not in trouble. You follow the student to a dark warehouse, where some delinquents are threatening him and asking for money. Without thinking, you jump out in front of the student, only to become the target yourself. At the last second, Yamato comes storming in, he gets the delinquents to leave, but get injured along the way. After seeing his student, Tanaka, home, you go to the infirmary at the school to get Yamato patched up. As you do that you finally tell Yamato about your worries, and he tells you that he loves teaching, but that he much rather be running the company together with you. As you talk things over, looking at the school by night, you're caught be the sprinklers leaving both of you soaked to the bone. You rush home to dry yourselves of, and end up enjoying a sweet night together...



Coming soon...

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