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New Year's Sweet Dreams
New Year's Sweet Dreams
General Information
No. of Chapters 2 per character
Game Origin Our Two Bedroom Story
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Minato, Kaoru, Shusei, Chiaki, Akiyoshi and Tsumugu
Price $2.99

New Year's Sweet Dreams is a sub story from Our Two Bedroom Story.


He's so forward... in front of everyone!? Your first dream of the year reveal your inner most desires... And your dream seems to be coming true! The day is filled with titillating air...

"I feel like this is going to be a great year, I mean, it started with your smile."

Love takes a fantastic turn...



Minato tells you that he's going to be the best body builder in the world and together you're going to get down to 5 percent body fat. Then you turn into a pomeranian and Minato takes you for a bath...


You wake up together with Kaoru, but he can only speak Spanish? And at work you fall asleep during a meeting and Kaoru tries to kiss you in front of everyone!


Shusei decides to quit Seasonelle to become a pro-gamer. And all of a sudden all of the other Seasonelle guys proposes to you in a church!?


Chiaki is acting strange, kissing you all the time. When you refuses he suddenly grows antennas and tells you that he's the prince of planet Pasta before he's beamed up into an UFO driven by Lord Lasagne who looks suspiciously like Kaoru!


It's an unusually hot day, but instead of turning up the AC Akiyoshi decides to strip. And then he tries to strip you! Later at work you fall asleep and Akiyoshi takes you to the archive room and acts suspiciously like Minato?


Tsumugu has turned your back garden into a strawberry field, and some of the strawberries have some weird side effects. Like extremely aggressive sexual behavior! At work Tsumugu looks like his normal sloppy self and proclaims his love for you in front of everyone...!



Coming soon...

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