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Naomasa Sakura
Naomasa Sakura profile

General Information
Kanji Name 佐倉直政
Romaji Name Sakura Naomasa
Height 5'9"/178 cm
Weight 150 lbs/65 kg
Age 28 (ENG)
33 (JP)
Game Debut True Love Sweet Lies
Personality Brusque
Birthday N/A
Occupation Lawyer

Naomasa Sakura is a selectable character from True Love Sweet Lies.


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His Lie


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  • Work Attire: He wears a grey formal suit, with a vertical white striped pattern. Naomasa also has a white collared dress shirt with a dark-coloured necktie. His blazer has pockets on either side. Two buttons of the blazer are buttoned up at top - whilst the second button is left undone. He always wears elliptical glasses with a black frame too.


Naomasa gives off a highly educated aura, but often doesn't really talk - unless talked to first, or in more urgent situations. He is brusque, as his profile suggests - yet is a very good listener and determined to help out, when it comes to his day job as a lawyer. When he gets things done, he makes sure that it's not just finished - but is also executed in the most logical or efficient way.

He is almost emotionless, often only seen with a straight face or slightly frowning. Naomasa is emotionally detached and distant from everyone else in the group and the others aren't too sure why he choose to be like that.

Summary of Routes


  • His given name, '直政' is composed of the characters '直', which means being "straightforward" or "frank"; and '政' refers to the government. So, his name can be translated as an "honest government". This reflects his character directly since he is often quite brusque and works as lawyer.
  • Naomasa's surname, '佐倉' has two characters - '佐' which is an "assistant", or a source of help; and '倉' which is a "warehouse" or "treasury" in English.
  • In the Japanese version - Naomasa's information is different. His weight is 65 kg, Naomasa's height is 178 cm (or 5'10 ft) and his age is 33 years old. This makes him the second eldest member in the True Love Sweet Lies cast and his actual measurements and true age rather dubious.
    • Both he and Nozomu had their ages changed when their routes were translated into English.
Naomasa Sakura

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