My Sweet Bodyguard
Kanji 恋人は専属SP
Romaji Koibito wa Senzoku SP
English My Lover is a Dedicated Security Police Officer
Release Date September 21, 2011 (JP)
March 13, 2013 (ENG)
Movie JP ~ Love Mission with CM JP
One day, you suddenly learn that your life is in danger... and you will be assigned your very own 24-hour personal bodyguard! While he protects you from danger, your relationship with the bodyguard takes a romantic turn...

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

MSB - JP Game Icon
My Sweet Bodyguard is an otome game by Voltage Inc. You find out that you're the daughter of the Japan's Prime Minister and you're life is in danger, and you fall in love with one of the bodyguards who are protecting you.

It is available iOS and Android.

The GREE version is no longer available. My Sweet Bodyguard was also available to play through Facebook, making it the very first and only Voltage game to do so. It was released in early 2013 and discontinued later in the year.[1]


While working at an amusement park several men appear and you learn that they are the bodyguards for the Prime Minister of Japan. You find out that the daughter of the Prime Minister is you and that your life is in jeopardy. You have to choose your bodyguard who will protect you until the crisis is over.


The story begins with you, walking down to what is seemed to be the Shibuya Crossing as the news blared about the new prime minister of Japan. As you wonder about the new prime minister, a man holds a gun out and began to ask your name through which you confirmed it.

The man attempts to kidnap you, but is stopped by a cross-dressing Sora who tries to save you by pretending to be your friend. Disarming the stranger immediately, a helicopter appears and a guy named Subaru tries to pick you up, while you are obviously surprised.

In the helicopter you meet Mizuki, who gives you a candy to try to calm you down. You were surprised at what a nice person Mizuki is. Later, you meet Subaru who is an arrogant and amazing bodyguard. Your thoughts are different and you are so surprised that this is happening to you. Angered by Subaru's arrogant personality, you slap him in the face and he was amazed of how you are much stronger than an average woman your age which is mid 20s. Arriving at the Prime Minister's house, you meet Katsuragi and Kaiji who tells you that you are actually the Prime Minister's daughter and that your life is in danger. After explaining what will be happening to you, you must select a bodyguard who will be protecting you until the danger on your life ceases.

The Characters

Main Characters

Subaru Ichiyanagi

MSB Intro Chara

He's an Otomen; good at housework and cooking. He graduated from Harvard University and is a first-class inspector detective. Subaru is very arrogant and popular among the women in the police force.

Kaiji Akizuki

Your childhood friend who has been apart from you after your mother's death. He is an Olympic Judo hopeful. He loves to tease you and is easily embarrassed by you.

Sora Hirosue

A flirt who's popular with women. He loves to greet you with hugs, which are usually blocked by Katsuragi. He is very cheerful and kind, growing up in an orphanage. He's very good with cross-dressing a.k.a disguise. Although it is his specialty, he hates it because people mistakes him as a girl. Nevertheless, he is very caring and lovable.

Mizuki Fujisaki

A former child idol who can communicate with animals extremely well and is usually seen with them. He is the most mysterious one out of the group and is always wearing the same stoic face.

Daichi Katsuragi

The leader of the bodyguards and the most capable out of all them. Like Subaru, he's practically married to his job. He cares about his team members and is incredibly dependable. However, being the oldest, he is rather traditional. He is also interested in home electronics. He is very well respected by people.

Hideki Ishigami

A top detective in the Public Security Division. He is rather blunt and has a stoic face. Sora dislikes him, believing that he is actually a living cyborg, leading him to call him a "cyborg".

Seiji Goto

A member of Ishigami's team. He used to work with Subaru, but quits and joins Ishigami after the death of his girlfriend, Kazuki. He enjoys watching waterfalls and has a sensitive tongue.

Toru Kurosawa

A new member to the Public Security Division. He enjoys taking pictures with his camera or camera phone. He loves to tease Ishigami and Goto and is very cheerful. Although he loves to crack jokes, He's actually a very sensitive and emotional man. He seems to have an illness of some sort.

Kenta Makabe

Kenta is the police officer who is usually guarding the front mansion of the Prime Minister's mansion. He has a crush on you and dreams of becoming a bodyguard one day. He is close with Sora, and admires his speciality in cross-dressing. Kenta becomes a bodyguard in the London sequel.

Eiji Kiyosumi

Eiji is half British and half Japanese. He is assigned to protect MC when she went to London. Eiji is blunt and has a sharp tongue, but kind nevertheless.

Kyoya Hayase

Coming Soon..

Kei Kouda

Coming Soon..

Minor Characters

Coming Soon..

Available Stories

Note: Characters in bold are only available in the Japanese version and has yet to be translated.


  • My Sweet Bodyguard SP Love Mission is another version of the game, similar to the gree version with slightly different artwork. Another important feature is that the bodyguards and the police have their own voice instead of none.
  • There is a Drama CD and an Official Visual Fanbook for the game.
  • Voltage Entertainment USA INC. created a game called To Love & Protect which is heavily based on this game.
  • The characters are designed by 夏珂 (Natsuka).


  1. My Sweet Bodyguard released for play on Facebook

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