A list of characters that appear in My Forged Wedding.



Daisuke is your 21 year old brother who is a college student aiming to become a vet.

Makoto Igarashi

Makoto is your fiancee, appearing only in the PARTY version of the app. He breaks up with you via a letter which you receive on the day you come to Kunihiko's bar to introduce him to your parents. The break up was due to his parents and results in you being homeless. In Yamato's route, he attempts to woo you once more but lets you go once he sees that you are in love with Yamato.

Manabu Tanobata

He's working at the production house "Pic Zeus", and appears in Saeki and Yuta's route.

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Yamato's Route

Yuri Onodera

One of Yamato's students who's madly in love with him and urges you to break up with him.

The Vice Principal

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The Principal

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Saeki's Route

Akiko Muro

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Ichizo Saeki

Saeki's father who is a well known author.

Mrs. Saeki

Saeki's mother and Ichizo's wife.

Takao's Route

Tatsuki Maruyama

Takao's 21 year-old mischievous and somewhat bratty younger brother who has a crush on you.

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Takao's grandmother

A kind and nurturing woman that Takao adores. It is because of her that he wants to find a wife so she can see him marry before she dies, as she is very ill, but she was able to make a full recovery. She knew that you and Takao were in a fake relationship but thought you two were suited to one another and decided to keep it a secret from his parents.

Mrs. Maruyama

She's the mother of Takao, Tatsuki, and three other Maruyama sons.

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Mr. Maruyama

He's the father of Takao, Tatsuki, and three other Maruyama sons.

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Ryutaro Maruyama

Ryutaro is left in yours and Takao's care for a short period of time while Ryutaro's parents are fighting.

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Ren's Route


Ren's devoted, utterly loyal butler.

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Ren's Father

Ren's father and the king of Ren's home country.

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Ren's Mother

Ren's mother and the queen of Ren's home country.

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Ren's older brother, he's 10 years older than Ren. When Jin was 20 he decided to go out exploring the world, which led to him being banished from the palace. His return interrupts your official engagement ceremony.

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Yuta's Route

Lily Tachibana

Yuta's older sister. She's married and states that she went to junior high with Kunihiko. She's very friendly towards you and often gives you advice. She also appears in Ren's Sequel of My Wedding and 7 Rings where the MC and Ren go visit her at Long Island.

In the PARTY version, her name is change to Emily and rewritten as Yuta's younger sister. Unlike the paid version, she's very hostile towards you and is in love with her adoptive brother Yuta despite growing up with him.

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Masaru Tamaki

Also known as Yuu, he's Yuta's partner in the comedy duo Fukumimi. In the beginning of the story, he's hospitalized due to overworking himself, and is thinking about quitting comedy.

The Manager

Yuta and Yuu's manager.

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Kunihiko's Route


Kunihiko's secretary at

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Tsuyoshi Yanahara

The corporate CEO that Kunihiko wants to partner with.

Mizue Yanahara

Tsuyoshi's wife and Yoko's mother.

Yoko Yanahara

The daughter of Tsuyoshi and Mizue who wants to marry Kunihiko. She's spoiled and determined to get what she wants. She's the reason why Kunihiko asked you to pretend to be his fiancée for he doesn't want to marry her, but doesn't want to insult her father. More coming soon...

Hazuki Matsuo

Kunihiko's friend since college and was engaged to his best friend.


An Arabic prince that looks just like Kunihiko. During your honeymoon Kunihiko is forced to pretend to be him.


Rasheed's girlfriend.

Kyoichi's Route

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Haruka's Route

Mr. Utsunomiya

Haruka's father.

More coming soon...

Mrs. Utsunomiya

Haruka's mother.

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Mr. Honda

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Akito's Route

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Tamaki's Route

Yoshihiro Taniguchi

Tamaki's half-brother and rival for being the Kikushima heir. He dislikes that Tamaki came back to the company to get control of the baseball field and become the heir in process, thus undermining all his hard work. In the Proposal, he tries to sabotage their grandfather's party citing he doesn't care about the old man whom never acknowledged him nor gave him a gift once since he was illegitimate, and he attempts to "ruin" you but is stopped by Tamaki.

Mrs. Taniguchi

Yoshihiro's wife. He apparently married her in order to inherit his father's position of the Kikushima Group but in Wedding Bells, she divorced Yoshihiro after learning that Tamaki would inherit the Kikushima Group.

Shigeru Kikushima

He's the acting current CEO of Kikushima Group and the father of Tamaki and Yoshihiro. He notes that you aren't Tamaki's normal taste, but he'll go along with it if his son is happy. In the Proposal, he puts you and Tamaki in charge of planning his father's party as a test of you becoming a Kikushima.

Tadashi Kikushima

He's the current CEO of Kikushima Group and the grandfather of Tamaki and Yoshihiro. He's pleased at the party you and Tamaki threw for him and even says he should have another one. He takes a liking to you and says you remind him of his wife and tells Tamaki to keep you close.


He's a friendly old man whom Tamaki stayed with during his college years in New Zealand. He also makes you a new wedding ring while you two are visiting.

Mrs. Kikushima

Tamaki's mother. She has asthma and has been in and out of hospitals forever. Tamaki finally got to confront his mother with all the bottled up feelings from his childhood and why he resents her thanks to you and Taku.


She's your and Kuni's distant cousin that has recently moved to Tokyo with her husband and son, Taku. You finally meet her at Long Island during your shift as she came to ask Kuni about a great daycare for her son, which you ultimately agree to watch him until she finds a suitable daycare.


He's Hisami's four year old son who comes to stay with you and Tamaki while his mother is working. Tamaki takes a liking to Taku and can relate to him since he grew up as an only child craving attention too.

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