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My Butler for a Night
My Butler for a Night - Overview
General Information
No. of Chapters 6
Game Origin Star-Crossed Myth
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included 12 gods and 5 butlers
Price $2.99

My Butler for a Night is a crossover featuring characters from Star-Crossed Myth, Butler Until Midnight, and Scandal in the Spotlight.


A crossover with Butler Until Midnight!

"Welcome home, Sir." A certain group of world-class butlers are working for the gods!


Altair and Vega are being punished! They have two weeks vacation to reflect on what they did. However, you feel as though something is missing...

... That's when you propose to the gods. They would hire butlers to work for them during the two week duration of Vega and Altair's vacation. They accept, and things are going well... until you have an even better idea:

The gods are going to be butlers for just one night! Not only that, but they get to serve their messengers, Vega and Altair. What a night for the gods!


No CGs are given for this sub story. However, a campaign image has been given to those who purchase this story and download the Butler Until Midnight application by a certain date.

Related Situations

Coming soon...


  • The characters from Scandal in the Spotlight appear, but they only appear on T.V., when Itsuki turns it on.
  • This crossover was released mostly for the celebration for the release of Butler Until Midnight overseas.
  • Although it says this sub story includes 12 gods, only the 6 sinned gods are the main characters; the other six only appear briefly in the last chapter.

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