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Morgan - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name リュウガ
Romaji Name Ryuga
Game Debut Pirates in Love
Height 180 cm
Weight 72 kg
Occupation Captain
Personality  ???
Birthday January 26
CV Eiji Takemoto

Captain Morgan is a selectable character in Pirates in Love and the captain of the Sirius crew.


He and his twin brother were born in a desert country where water was scarce. When they grew up, he became a mercenary while his brother became a pirate. He was very skilled in swords and earned the title "The Legendary Swordsman" and his brother became the Pirate King. His brother then fell in love with a princess and planned to elope with her, but her father's soldiers ambushed him on the place they were supposed to meet and was fatally wounded, but was able to escape capture and met him at an island and died.

After that he took over his brother's identity so that there wouldn't be an unbalance in power between the pirates and the Navy, and would then disband his brother's crew (one which Captain Alan was once a part of) in order to keep them from discovering the truth, and then recruit Russell, Eduardo, Christopher, Nathan, and Thomas as his crewmates.

Later on he would allow you join his crew after you hid in a barrel and accidentally ended up on his ship.

More coming soon...


Morgan is a tall and well-built man with neck-length brunette hair, grey eyes, a goatee, and lightly tanned skin. When he was younger, his hair was shorter and spikier and wore a white poet shirt.

  • 21 year old Ryuga/Morgan


  • Pirate Attire: Morgan wears a white poet shirt with a deep v-neck that shows his chest, black trousers, brown boots that reach his thighs, and an olive green sash with a sword tucked in. He wears an elegant red frock coat on his shoulders, a black bicone hat with a an elegant white plume feather, and a three-piece gold necklace with reddish and blue-green jewels.
  • Second Sequel, Pirate Attire: Morgan's hair grows a little bit and he wears two necklaces, one is a gold chain and the other is a necklace with a jeweled cross pendant.   


Known to be a alcoholic and a ladies man, he seems perverted and a flirt when you first meet him but he's kind and treats his crew members like family. 

Summary of Routes

Main Story

Coming soon...


  • So far, he is the only Voltage bachelor whose real name is unknown. His name is actually his brother's.
  • He is 31 years old (33 in the second sequel) and his blood type is O. [1]


  1. Pirates in Love Character Profile

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