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Moonlit Summer Nights ~Chikage & Kyoga~
Moolit Summer Nights Chikage & Kyoga Infobox
General Information
No. of Chapters 4 per character
Game Origin Enchanted in the Moonlight
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Chikage and Kyoga
Price $3.99

Moonlit Summer Nights ~Chikage & Kyoga~ is a sub story from Enchanted in the Moonlight.


Under the summer night sky, you see Chikage's romantic side. Let Chikage and Kyoga love you untill the end of summer...



You go to the beach with Chikage and the other guys, but Chikage who doesn't like water is in a bad mood. After that you try to figure out what Chikage likes so the two of you can create some summer memories together. You manage to plan a night of stargazing with him, and in return he takes you on a date to the beach...


At Kyoga's suggestion you and all the guys get together to revive the summer festival at the shrine. During the festival you get upset with Kyoga for smooth talking some of the customers. You confront him that night and throw him out of your room. When you calm down and go to apologize, he's not in his room... And he doesn't come home until morning. After that Kyoga starts acting weird and one day you spot him out walking with Ikumi. Miyabi's comments about Kyoga being a ladies man and needing to satisfy his urges doesn't exactly help calm you down either...



Coming soon...

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