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Maximillion Levaincois
Maximillion Profile Picture

General Information
Kanji Name マクシミリアン ルヴァンソワ
Romaji Name Makushimirian Ruvuansowa
Game Debut Be My Princess 2
Height 6'2"
Butler Gaston
Age 36
Grandfather Edward's Father
Status Royal Prince
Birthday May 20


Royal Prince Maximillion Levaincois is one of the princes you can select in the game Be My Princess 2.


Maximillion - who is mostly only called Max - is the second child and first son of Edward Levaincois and the MC of the first game. He has an older sister named Matilda who is the Queen of Charles.

In his route you learn that he enjoys his freedom a lot after his sister was crowned and that Charles changed a lot after she became Queen, the kingdom has lost its focus on the arts and more effort was put into economics and industry. You also learn that he wanted to be a film director but lost his will to stand behind a camera. The two of you will work to bring some art into the kingdom.

Family Tree


Being the son of former King Edward he naturally gains his looks but with a more realistic look than romantic that his father has. He has silverish hair with indigo eyes and small beard when casual. He slicks his hair back while wearing royal or formal attire with a shaved chin. His hair will be messy with bangs when in causal clothes. When he is tired, sick, or not in good health he will have a messy chin beard with slightly dark circles under eyes (in short he looks homeless).


  • Royal Attire: Coming soon...
  • Civilian Attire: His civilian attire consist of a necklace, low cut black shirt, a white undershirt, and beige pants.
  • Formal Attire: Coming soon...
  • Sleepwear: Coming soon...


Max is a person who loves art a lot, his dream was to become a film director and he likes to take photographs. He's kind and knows how to act like a gentleman - just like his father. He is easily devastated when things which have to do with art are about to get destroyed. Max is a kind man, thinking of others first as he repayed his debt to you after you saved him from starvation.

Summary of Routes

Coming soon...


  • His name originates from Latin which derives from the name Maximinianus, an extension of Maximus and means "the Great".
  • He has the same birthday as Akiyoshi Zaizen from Our Two Bedroom Story.

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