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Makoto Morimachi
Makoto Morimachi - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 森町誠
Romaji Name Morimachi Makoto
Game Debut My Last First Kiss
Age 26
Birthday April 8
Height 5'11" / 180 cm
Weight 146 lbs / 66 kg
Career Grad Student

Makoto Morimachi is a selectable character from My Last First Kiss.


Being two years older than you and the others, Makoto has always been like an older brother to your group. He's the older brother of Riku who is part of your childhood friends and also your first boyfriend. They moved on the floor above your apartment and it's been 20 years since you've known each other. Given that you guys have known each other for years, you call him by the nickname 'Mako'. He had developed feelings for you when you, Riku and Makoto went for trip on a sunflower field. Makoto and Riku got lost at the field, you went in ahead to the field to find both of them, after you find them you three ended up getting lost.

He works as a researcher at Kokonoka and it was revealed his route that you were his inspiration on developing sweets.



Makoto has messy dirty blond hair and brownish amber eyes.


  • Casual Attire: Makoto wears a navy blue t-shirt, a green plaid shirt over it with the sleeves pushed to his elbows, a watch on his left wrist, and white jeans.
  • Formal Attire: Makoto wears a grey suit with a white dress shirt with light blue pinstripes, and a light blue, brown and white striped tie.
  • Work Attire: Makoto wears a lab coat over his formal shirt and tie, grey slacks with a black belt, and thick, black-rimmed reading glasses.
  • Sleepwear: Makoto wears a black white-stripes hoodie over with white shirt.


Makoto has been described as a follower by Riku. Since he was always there for the group and acts as the oldest brother for all of you. He's two years older than the rest of your group, you've described him as a friendly and kind to everyone he meets. Whenever you have a fight with Ayato, you always went crying to Makoto.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

After the flood incident happened on your apartment, you get to temporary live at Morimachi brothers' apartment. Unable to forget your attraction to Hiroki, you do your best at work and love. But the one day, you find out that you’re more than a friend to Makoto?!

It's a Date

Coming Soon...

Stay the Night

Coming Soon...

Living Together

Coming Soon...

Sweet Memories

Coming Soon...

Kiss to Remember

Coming Soon...

A Dreamy Proposal

Coming Soon...

Delivering the News

Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...


  • Makoto is very similar to Takao Maruyama for they are both the "big brotherly" types or the "mother hen" in the group, wear suits to their jobs and a green plaid shirt for casual-wear, and overly considerate towards the MC.    
  • The day when you went on a sunflower field with Morimachi brothers, you became more than a friend to Makoto.
  • You were his first love.
  • Sunflowers are a theme in his route.   
Makoto Morimachi

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