Love in a Winter Wonderland
Love in a Winter Wonderland info
General Information
No. of Chapters 8
Game Origin In Your Arms Tonight
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Kippei Ebihara, Kiyoto Makimura, Shohei Aiba, Genji Higashiyama, Soji Higashiyama, Ginnosuke Oguri, Tsukasa Niregi, Ritsu Moriyama
Price $2.99

Love in a Winter Wonderland is a sub story from In Your Arms Tonight.


The last days in December and you have been roped into a party with the whole gang!


It's getting close to the end of year and you catch up with all the guys as to how they are doing, so it's decided that you will meet at the normal bar you always drink at. However, you just want to spend time with your guy. You finally make it to the party at the bar and depending on your answer to sit you get to choose your guy and enjoy the holiday with him separately from the others.



  • Koichi is the only guy not to appear nor is he spoken of.
  • Depending on your choice of sitting at the bar or table will depend on which of the four men you get to choose from.
    • See the picture for more details of which guys are available after your choice.

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