Love Unlimited
Love Unlimited info
General Information
No. of Chapters 4
Game Origin My Wedding and 7 Rings
No. of Endings 1
Characters Included Hiroto
Price $1.99

Love Unlimited is a sub story from My Wedding and 7 Rings.


White Day is supposed to be a chance to spend time alone together, but the other executives are omnipresent... Will you be able to share some tender moments with Hiroto this White Day...?


White Day is coming up, and you are looking forward to spending the day with Hiroto, but the other executives have other plans... They suggest throwing a White Day party for you at the Oasis, and you don't want to be rude and turn them down. Hiroto doesn't seem to mind, but you confess your true feelings to Seiichirou later that day. Finding it harder and harder to turn down the party, you end up going with Hiroto. Everything goes along smoothly, until Seiichirou comes to give you his present and tells everybody that you much rather be spending the day alone with Hiroto. Upon hearing this, Hiroto decides that it's time for you to leave, but then the other executives turns rather aggressive and reveals that it was their plan all along to keep the two of you from spending the day alone... When you finally get out of Oasis and are driving home, you spot Asahi's limousine tailing you, and even as you get home your phones wont stop ringing. To stop them from bothering you, you turn off your phones and move to the bedroom, just as you're starting to get intimate, the doorbell rings. Wont you get a moment of time alone together...!?


  • In this story, Hiroto calls you Miss Kitten, which he quit doing during his main story.

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