Love Letter From Thief X
Love Letter From Thief X Title
Kanji 怪盗X恋の予告状
Romaji Kaitō X Koi no Yokoku-jō
English My Lover's a Thief
Release Date January 6, 2011 (JP)
December 17, 2012 (ENG)
Movie JP
You’re a curator who works at a museum and whose grandfather was an artist of legendary proportion. One day, you receive a note from the Black Foxes, a notorious group of thieves. And their next target? You!

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

LLFTX - JP Game Icon
Love Letter From Thief X is an otome game by Voltage Inc. You are descended from a famous artist/inventor you fall in love a group of thieves called the Black Foxes who want to obtain your great-grandfather's masterpiece.

It is currently available in iOS and Android.

This game may have been the first game released that is listed in the main page which is produced by Voltage because it was released in Japanese on January 6, 2011 and in English on December 17, 2012, making it the sixth game released.


Your love for art has made you a curator at a museum, but your normal life takes a drastic turn when four thieves break into your house. They have a mission which is to recover your great-grandfather's masterpiece, though hesitant you don't want it to fall into the wrong hands and decide to join them. Which thief will be your partner... and lover?


The Characters

Main Characters

LLFTX Chara Intro

Takuto Hirukawa

The 24 year old genius hacker of the Black Foxes, in charge of remotely shutting down security and programming various locator devices. In his daily life, he is a programmer who was head-hunted by a very prestigious IT firm based in New York. He is the epitome of the tsundere type and bullies you even though he has feelings for you.

Kenshi Inagaki

The 25 year old sniper and entry expert. He works as a firefighter by day and sometimes helps out at his mother's gourmet restaurant. He is athletic and fun-loving but not at all interested in dating. He is kind, almost to a fault, and anonymously donates his proceeds from missions to a friend who runs a home for orphaned children.

Hiro Sarashina

The 21 year old master of disguise with an IQ of 180. He is an art student and comes from a family of appraisers, so in addition to using his disguise skills for missions, he can confirm the authenticity of target artworks. He is a playboy who uses women as pawns to gain information and often teases/flirts with you constantly.

Riki Yanase

The 27 year old leader of the Black Foxes. He comes from a rich family and works for the Ministry of Finance as a government agent. He is an alpha male type of guy, seemingly good at everything he does, which is why he plans the missions. However, he really can't hold his liquor.

Atsumu Kashiwabara

The 35 year old boss of the Black Foxes. He is the owner of the Le Renard Noir bar and was previously married with his college sweetheart until she died of an illness. His hobby is fortune telling and supposedly his predictions are very accurate.

Tatsuro Togoshi

He is your 25 year old childhood friend and a detective who is determined to capture the Black Foxes. He's been in love with you since childhood. Compared the Black Foxes in terms of looks and job, he's very plain.

Yuki Arisugawa

The 25 year old mysterious FBI agent who very brusque with his words.

Hyosuke Kujo

The mysterious security specialist who acts nice, but there's another side to him.

Taiga Kujo

He is a 29 year old doctor with a dark side. He's Hyosuke's older brother.

Minor Characters

Main article: Love Letter from Thief X Minor Characters

Available Stories


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