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Kyosuke Narumi
Kyosuke Narumi - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 鳴海匡介
Romaji Name Narumi Kyōsuke
Game Debut Kiss of Revenge
Height 6'0"
Occupation Physician
Age 32
Blood Type O

Kyosuke Narumi is a selectable character from Kiss of Revenge. He is a physician at the Ebisu General Hospital.


Kyosuke is the son of Ebisu General's head nurse, who is a single mother after the death of his father. He was influenced to be a doctor by a friend of his, but had trouble getting into medical schools. Director Sezaki managed to get him into a good school with his connections and only did so due to his mother, which was a way to keep her quiet about the medical malpractice committed on your mother 12 years ago.

In his route, you become more involved with the internal medicine section of the hospital while looking for chances to become closer to Director Sezaki in order to fulfill your revenge. Along the way, Kyosuke slowly reveals more about himself about how he became a doctor, he and his mother's connection to Director Sezaki and how they have lived in guilt for the past twelve years since that fatal medical error with your mother.

Who He Is


Kyosuke Narumi Sprite

Kyosuke has neck-length light brown hair that's parted on his left and light brown eyes.


  • Physician's Attire: Kyosuke wears a light blue, V-neck buttoned up shirt, charcoal grey pants, a white lab coat, and a stethoscope on his neck.
  • Casual Attire: Kyosuke wears the same shirt and pants as work, and also wears a charcoal grey blazer

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Kyosuke is goofy, lighthearted, kind, helpful and easygoing. All the patients and staff at the hospital adore him as he gets along well with everyone. He is capable of speaking with the patients as a person rather than the usual doctor-patient way. He can also be very random, especially when doing favors for someone. Like, suddenly asking Junpei to get a copy of a magazine that featured a famous girl group for your stubborn female patient.

However, underneath his smile lies one who is burdened with much guilt even over the ones he has no control over. He always looks out for those who are in his care and with that he grows close to them. So much so that when one of them passes away he is deeply sadden and distraught for awhile (about thirty minutes, according to Ayame). 

When he loves someone, he will do anything in his power to protect them. For example, when you had poured the poison into the Director's drink while he was preoccupied, Kyosuke took it and drank it so as to prevent you from getting into trouble.

His love for his mother also compelled him to make sure her life was not stressful and kept all his emotions inside for her sake and tried to help with the expenses. Revealing that he is very selfless and compassionate.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

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