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Koji Nagumo
File:Koji Nagumo - Profile.png

General Information
Kanji Name 南雲 幸治
Romaji Name Nagumo Koji
Game Debut Office Secrets
Infinite Inc Position Planning Team 2, Business Development Dept.
Age 23
Blood Type O
Birthday January 11th
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Personality Honest, serious, a hard worker, bad with women
Background The only person from his hometown to attend Tokyo University

Koji Nagumo is one of your co-workers and a romance option from Office Secrets.


You and Koji started working at Infinite Inc. at the same time two years ago and met during orientation. He has had a crush on you since then.

He comes from a very small town and is the first to attend as well as graduate from Tokyo University.


Koji has short layered brown hair, amber-colored eyes, and a pale ivory skin tone.


  • Business Attir:e He wears a blue and white plaid dress shirt with a matching tie. In addition, he wears a dark blue vest and suit jacket.
  • Casual Attire: Coming soon...
  • Sleepwear: Coming soon...


Koji is considered an earnest, hard working individual. He's dedicated to doing what's right and is willing to admit when he was wrong. He is very genuine when it comes to his feelings and intentions, making him reliable and trustworthy. Although he is portrayed as slightly naive, anxious and insecure, he is absolutely dependable and capable. Koji is supportive and a great listener, willing to listen to anyone who needs to vent. He is also a bit of a worrywart, often worrying about you.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

As members of the New Division, you and Koji are put in charge of a redesign for a brand your company is already promoting.  However, you immediately run into hurdles when the two of you realize that the Deputy CEO does not want to use the domestic factories that you have recommended.  Does the Deputy CEO have an ulterior motive for ignoring your recommendations? How will you and Koji handle these hurdles when your jobs are at stake?


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