Koibito wa Dōkyonin - Life with My Sweet Hearts
Koihito wa Dōkyonin - Title
Kanji 恋人は同居人 - Life with My Sweet Hearts
Romaji Koibito wa Dōkyonin - Life with My Sweet Hearts
English My Lover is My Roommate - Life with My Sweet Hearts
Release Date January 21, 2015 (JP)
Movie N/A
Your mother has remarried - and the person she's wedded to, is one of Japan's biggest millionaires!

You begin a new life in a new home, something completely different from yesterday.

You live there, together with...five step-brothers?!

"Do you understand? There are only men in this house."

Under the one roof, there will be several heart pounding stories occuring everyday!

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

Koibito wa Dōkyonin - Life with My Sweet Hearts - JP Game Icon
Koibito wa Dōkyonin - Life with My Sweet Hearts is an otome game by that's currently released in Japan. Your mother marries a wealthy man with five sons and you fall in love with one of your step-brothers.

It is only available in Japanese and can be downloaded on Android




Coming soon...


Coming soon...

The Characters

Life with My Sweet Hearts

Main Characters

Masaki Saionji

The third oldest son who's a serious and diligent student.

Masaya Saionji

The fourth oldest son who's the same age as you and quite popular in your school.

Yuji Saionji

The second oldest son who is kind to you and likes to tend to the rose garden.

Shuichi Saionji

The oldest son who is also your homeroom teacher.

Kaname Midou

The butler for the Saionji family.

Minor Characters

Shun Saionji

He's the youngest son of the family and sees you as a kind older sister.

Available Stories (JP)

Coming soon...


  • There is what appears a game that is similar to this version (with a different art style and coloring) on Voltage's website.
  • There's actually a one shot manga about this game, which also has the similar title. The manga author's name is Ishikawa Should and it was published during 2010 serialized by Sho-Comi.
  • In the manga, the MC is given a name, Yui. In the manga she is dating Masaki Saonji.

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