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Kiyoto Makimura
Kiyoto Makimura - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 槇村清人
Romaji Name Makimura Kiyoto
Game Debut In Your Arms Tonight
Birthday February 24
Job Title Art Student/Part-Time Bartender
Age 20
Personality Mature and aggressive

Kiyoto Makimura is a selectable character from the game In Your Arms Tonight. He is a part-time bartender at a bar you frequent.


As a high school student, Kiyoto began a sexual relationship with his tutor, an older woman named Risa. Although she only viewed him as a fling, Kiyoto fell in love with her and was devastated when she called their relationship off. He even painted her portrait as a gift, then salvaged it when he noticed she had thrown it out. Even though he denies that he still has feelings for her, he has never been able to get rid of the portrait.

Kiyoto’s obsession with older women in already established relationships stems from his experience with Risa. Until he meets you, he treats all his conquests the way Risa treated him, stringing them along until they fall for him and then dumping them. 



Kiyoto has slightly messy black hair and dark brown eyes.


  • Formal Attire: Coming Soon...
  • Work Attire: When working at the bar, Kiyoto wears a white button-up shirt with the top two buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up.
  • Casual Attire: Kiyoto wears a white v-neck tee shirt, a black blazer with leopard print cuffs, a necklace with an oval onyx stone, and jeans.
  • Sleepwear: Coming Soon...


Kiyoto is very persistent and determined to get his way, especially when it comes to women and sex. Although he’s never too forceful, he relentlessly pursues you after seeing you in his bar the night of your class reunion.

Because of his youth, he can seem childish at times. He loves to eat and has a lackadaisical approach to his art, and he frequently makes spontaneous decisions without considering the long term consequences of his actions.

Even though he seems like a carefree womanizer, he is surprisingly serious when it comes to love. Once he falls for you, he does everything he possibly can to make the relationship work.   

Summary of Routes

Main Story

Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...

Wedding Vows

Coming Soon...


  • His eyes are brown, but in one of his main story CGs they appear to be a dark blue-grey.
  • In the English version of the game, Kiyoto's ex is referred to as both "Risa" and "Lisa." Due to the difficulty of pronouncing the letter "L" in the Japanese language and the fact that Risa is a Japanese given name, it is assumed that her name is actually Risa.
Kiyoto Makimura

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