A list of supporting and antagonistic characters from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.


Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is an alias of the auctioneer of the black market auctions held under Tres Spades. Over the course of the story, there are different versions of him in other countries: in Japan, he has blue hair and wears a blue suit, in Dubai, he has red hair and wears a black suit and purple cravat, and in London, he has red hair and a red suit. Eisuke was the one who hired him, but he has no idea who the Mad Hatter really is. His role is different in the original bidders', Rhion's, and Hikaru's routes

Ryosuke Inui

A member of the Ice Dragon's who’s Soryu’s bodyguard. Soryu had saved him from a yakuza gang when he ran away from home, and has been very loyal and devoted to Soryu since then. He joined the Ice Dragons because of Soryu and that he had nowhere else to go. He’s not very bright and often gets on Soryu’s nerves for he tends to over exaggerate and speak without thinking, but Soryu often calls upon him to help him take of something. He’s extremely devoted to you as well and has an ongoing rivalry with Samejima due to them joining the Ice Dragons the exact same time. A running gag is that he gets often called a puppy because of his surname and personality. He also appears in the PARTY version with an updated look.

Koichi Samejima

A member of the Ice Dragon's from the Hong Kong branch who was sent to help Soryu on Soryu’s grandfather’s orders. He’s the polar opposite of Inui and the two of them joined the Ice Dragons the same time, which sparks a rivalry on who's superior. Soryu’s grandfather had saved him from a dangerous situation when he was younger back in Hong Kong. He also appears in the PARTY version with an updated look.

Sakiko Koizumi

A croupier who’s the same age as you and your good friend. She's obsessed with celebrities, often dreaming of a rich celebrity falling in love with her, and tends to be on the dramatic side. She attends the seminar in Dubai but she remains in Japan. She also appears in the third season prologue attending Chisato’s wedding with you and returns to Japan. She also appears in the PARTY version with an updated look.

Chisato Kurihara

A maid who works with you and your good friend. She’s very understanding and doesn’t pry into your life when you become involved with one of the penthouse guests. In the second season, she attends the seminar in Dubai but remains in Japan and in the third season, she gets married in London, which is the reason why you're in London in the prologue. She now works at the Tres Spades London.

Hajime Kenzaki

The general manager of the Tres Spades hotel who’s Eisuke's most loyal employee. He does whatever Eisuke requests without question, and aware of the black market auctions that go on in the hotel.

Erika Matsuda

A V.I.P. maid for the Tres Spades hotel who has never really liked you. She often reprimands you for every little mistake you make and tries to make your work life difficult. She tends to be overambitious in thinking that the Tres Spades is her hotel and is jealous that you’re the penthouse guests’ personal maid and that they want to spend time with you. She’s transferred to Tres Spades Dubai, but rarely appears, and also to the Tres Spades in London. She states that she’s worked at Tres Spades for five years, meaning that she’s been with the hotel since the beginning. In Ota’s route, she’s much more friendly towards you but still strict.

Rina and Kana

Twin maids that never leave Erika's side and always give you a hard time. They always speak in unison, generally repeating whatever Erika says. They transfer to Dubai and then London along with Erika, but rarely appear.

Sheik Nasser

The ruler of Dubai who sentences you to death for accidentally trespassing in his palace. At Shuichi’s persuasion, he reduces your sentence to life in prison, but then Eisuke threatens to close down Tres Spades Dubai and make sure Japan will never conduct business with Dubai if you aren’t returned to him. He allows you to go free if you work hard at the hotel; he’s the reason why you’re forced to stay in Dubai and why Shuichi has to keep an eye on you. He’s also the father of Amina and a fan of Ota’s work. In Ota's Twist of Fate, he called out the judges who gave him unfair scores.

Eisuke's Route

Takahiro Kuroba

A concierge who works at Tres Spades who’s very kind and considerate towards you, which makes you admire him. He has feelings for you and after seeing how Eisuke makes you unhappy, he believes that you’ll be happier with him. You tell him that you can’t return his feelings for you in love with Eisuke, which he reluctantly accepts but he’s still kind towards you and hopes that you’ll one day accept his feelings.

Antonio Bucci

A powerful Italian mob boss with whom Eisuke wants to do business with. Despite his status, he cares for his daughter Carolina and loves to have a good time. However, he does not take too kindly on people that wrong “the family”. He also appears in the PARTY version with an updated look.

Carolina Bucci

Bucci's daughter who's madly in love with Eisuke. Eisuke makes you his girlfriend so that he can turn her down without insulting her father, but she’s determined to make you break up with him. Eventually, she fell in love with Soryu and is now obsessed with him, which was really Eisuke’s plan. Soryu claimed that if she wasn’t the daughter of a powerful mob boss, he would’ve drowned her into the Tokyo Bay. She has a Chihuahua named Fang that dislikes Eisuke but friendly with Soryu. She also appears in Baba's Sequel where she's in love with Soryu and tries to show him around Rome, much to his disgust. She also appears in the PARTY version with an updated look.

Akira Nikadio

The owner of Nikadio Holdings, the largest food industry company after the Ichinomiya Group. He wanted to do business with Bucci, but Eisuke beat him to the punch. Angered by this, he kidnaps you in order to blackmail Eisuke. Eisuke proposes for him to be co-owner of the of Tres Spades, which he readily agrees to then tries to kill him, but Eisuke turns the tables by revealing proof that he was embezzling his own company, and was then bought out by his vice-president, making the contract void. He’s arrested by Mamoru and taken into police custody.

Yukari Todo

Eisuke's long-lost little sister. She was staying at the Tres Spades while preparing for her wedding. She wanted to find her brother so that he could attend the wedding and spend time with him. She learns that Eisuke is her brother, but he coldly rejects her. After her wedding was ruined, Eisuke lets her re-do it at the hotel and then gives her a pearl necklace that belonged to their mother. She and Daichi then build a house in Kobe and plan on starting a family. According to Eisuke, Yukari is not her real name, which is why he had trouble finding her. She also appears in the PARTY version with an updated look and her name changes to Hitomi.

Daichi Matsuura

Yukari's fiancé who’s an assistant to his father. He came to the auctions in order to find Yukari's older brother to attend their wedding. He loves Yukari and desperately wants Eisuke to come to the wedding since he’s Yukari’s only blood relative and it’s what she really wanted. After they’re married, he looks forward to creating a family with her.

Tadashi Matsuura

Daichi’s father who’s a politician and against the Tres Spades being built because he believed that casinos attracted criminal activity. He hates Eisuke because of that and apparently hates the idea that his future daughter-in-law could be related to him. It was because of him that Eisuke severed ties with Yukari, for he didn’t want to cause her to be unhappy with her new family by being related to him. After his assassination was thwarted, his hatred for Eisuke disperses and is happy with his son and daughter-in-law’s marriage.

Haruaki Nishina

A politician from Diet who’d plan to assassinate Tadashi Mastuura so that he could possibly reap the benefits the casino profits from Tres Spades, but the guys expose his plot and the police arrest him.

Kozo Ozaki

A wealthy businessman who owns the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. He orchestrated the bomb explosion at the hotel, framed Eisuke for tax evasion, and hired a hitman to assassinate Eisuke. He was able to get Eisuke to sign ownership to the hotel and had the police arrest him, but Eisuke turns the tables by showing proof that Ozaki was behind the tax evasions and used part of that money to hire the hitman. He’s arrested and due to the clause in the contract, Eisuke now owns the Burj Khalifa. Before being taken away, he mentions how easily Eisuke’s father was tricked.

The Masked Man

A mysterious figure who’s been holding the exact same auctions as in Tres Spades Dubai and the one causing the protests for the hotel. He’s the true mastermind who planted the bomb at the hotel during Living with Him and fed Ozaki information about Eisuke. Despite being the puppeteer, he was under someone orders to take everything that belongs to Eisuke and tries to kill him as well as you, but the two of you were able to escape. He escapes police custody.

Frank Ackerson

Eisuke’s former classmate who’s the owner of the historical hotel by the Thames River. He hired burglars to rob Tres Spades and spread rumors that caused the cancellations, in order to ruin Eisuke’s business. His father was the headmaster of the school that Eisuke went at, but he was suspended from the school when Eisuke exposed his bad behavior. He dropped out of school because of the embarrassment and his actions afterword damaged his family’s reputation, nearly losing all of his father’s businesses except the hotel but he was able to make it the number one hotel in London. When Eisuke came to London, he wanted revenge and by bribing the board members, he becomes the new owner of the Tres Spades only to put it up for auction. Eisuke’s able to buy it back, but puts himself up for auction in exchange. He buys him with the intention of making him his slave, but is caught in the act by the police and arrested, which was all part of Eisuke’s plan. He also appears at Chisato’s wedding in the prologue, presumably a friend of the groom’s.

Ackerson’s Butler

A butler who’s served Frank and his family for a long time. He cares for Frank but disapproves his underhand methods to make Eisuke lose business, but can’t say anything due to his position. He’s tells you about Frank’s past which you try to dissuade Eisuke from fighting him. He briefly appears in the third season prologue with Frank.


A hotel critic that’s partially responsible for the hotel rankings in London. She stays at the Tres Spades and accuses you of losing her earrings since you were cleaning her room. She’s very flirtatious towards Eisuke and tries to seduce him into working together, but he coldly rejects her and provides proof that she’s been accepting bribes from the other hotels so that they could buy their rankings. Eisuke promises not to turn her in to the police if she redoes the ranking system. She does and with a new panel of judges, Tres Spades becomes the number one hotel in London.

Soryu's Route

Mei Ling Lee

Simon Lee’s daughter who was sent over to Japan in order to find a suitable husband, which Soryu helps arrange in order to get in her father's good graces. Because a rival gang targeted her, Soryu uses you to impersonate her in order to draw out the enemy. Despite being born around wealth, she wishes to live a normal life and considers you a good friend. She also appears in the PARTY version with an updated look.

Simon Lee

The leader of the Bell Crickets triad in Hong Kong and closely associated with the Ice Dragons. After Soryu eliminates the enemy targeting Mei Ling, he wants his daughter to marry Soryu but became angry when Soryu didn’t want to marry Mei Ling. Soryu offered himself to him in so that a feud wouldn’t start between organizations and was sent to be executed. Eisuke convinces him that Soryu’s loyalty is more valuable than his life (as well as bribed with money and some of Ota’s private artwork), so he spares his life. Mei Ling states that he’s a huge fan of Ota’s art.

Kyoichiro Okawa

Soryu's right-hand man in the Ice Dragons. He betrays him in the Sequel in order to get money to hire a valuable back alley physician from auctions so that he could help his sick mother. He then tries to kill you when you find out that he was behind the shootings at the auction, but Soryu stops him. Instead of killing him for his betrayal, Soryu fakes his death and gives information of that doctor so that he could leave and take care of his mother without worrying about the mafia coming after him. He also appears in the PARTY version with an updated look.


The current boss of the Ice Dragons. He’s extremely merciless and greedy who disregards the philosophy that Soryu’s grandfather established; the Ice Dragons used to control the all of Hong Kong but that control was lost after he came into power. He set up Inui for failure for the deal with Rahman so that he could fire Soryu, because he was the only one that threatened his position. When Soryu refuses get rid of Inui, he tries to kill him for disobeying him and then you when you try to protect Soryu, but the guys stop him and expose his plan. Because of his betrayal, Soryu becomes the new boss of the Ice Dragons and he’s never seen again after that.


An influential and powerful man in Dubai and a crime lord. Despite his daunting appearance, you helped him at the hotel when he had a headache, and since then he’s become fond of you, thinking of you like a daughter. It was for that reason he decided trust Soryu and ally with the Ice Dragons. He then starts a business venture with Eisuke as well as aligning his mob with the Ice Dragons. He loves dogs and cares for his son Murata.


A deliveryman who falls in love in you at first sight. He asks you out but you turn him down for you’re in love with Soryu. He later helps you out when your puppy Jasmine gets sick. Soryu was jealous of him because he could provide you a better life without putting you in danger. Rahman is his father and loves him, but hates mobsters because he blames him for ruining his family so he’d cut off ties with him. Despite being a mobster’s girlfriend, he’s still in love with you and tries to persuade you to leave Soryu. He gets kidnapped by thugs in order to stop Rahman from making the deal with the Ice Dragons, and you try to save him only to get caught as well. Soryu and Rahman save the two of you getting killed, and he and his father reconcile. Like his father, he loves dogs and can speak Arabic. Given his surname, he’s most likely Japanese-Arab.


A spy for the Crimson Swords, a rival gang that the Ice Dragons are fighting with, who joined the Ice Dragons and became one of the leaders in the London branch. He became the boss when Soryu gave him the position for he didn’t want to marry the rival boss’s daughter. He then cut ties from the Crimson Swords for the sake for revenge, because the boss of the Crimson Swords killed the mobster whom he called his brother. Soryu makes an alliance with him for getting rid of the Crimson Swords boss and he tries to kill him once he’s beaten, but Soryu stops him. After the boss is gone, he allies the Crimson Swords with the Ice Dragons.

Crimson Swords Boss

According to Jin, he’d killed his mobster brother for the disputes in the fighting. He’s a very cautious man with many men guarding him, so Soryu has you seduce him to get him alone which works. When Soryu and Jin confront him, he tells Jin that his brother wanted to be sacrificed and publicly blamed, but Jin knew it was a lie. The Ice Dragons defeat him and is then punch in the face by Jin for revenge and then Soryu for touching you.

Baba's Route

Mister Nouveau Riche

A wealthy but unattractive man. He likes to show off how rich he by buying expensive gaudy things, like a solid gold glasses case or a solid gold pen. Baba makes you attend his party as his date in order to steal a forgery painting. He also appears in the prologue where he hits on you when you accidently attend the I.V.C. party and then nearly bought you at the auctions. In the beginning of first season, the guys threaten with putting you up on the auctions again and you fear that he will buy you.

Koji Ayase

A detective who's life mission is to arrest Baba. Baba jokes that he's his stalker since he knows all of his methods and always calls him Aya, to his dismay. He's awkward around women and drinks heavily when he's depressed; he’ll often tell stories about his encounters with Baba to women or when he’s drunk. He’s extremely nearsighted without his glasses for he’ll search for them several feet in the opposite direction. He falls in love with you in the Sequel after you help him find his glasses, since no one else would help him. He’s very persistent in his advances towards you and determine to “steal” you away from Baba. He’s acquainted with Mamoru since they sometimes work together, but Mamoru states that he’s a huge pain. Ayase is based on Inspector Zenigata from the Lupin III series.

Mister Igarashi

An art collector who collects very valuable art. He’s been kidnapping artistically gifted children and forcing them to replicate counterfeit paintings so that he can sell them on the black market. He challenges Baba to steal his artwork from his mansion and plans to eliminate him, for killing off a master thief will give him a notoriety that’ll make burglars think twice about stealing from his mansion. After believing that Baba is dead, he takes you prisoner but Baba saves you. Ayase and police raid his mansion and he’s arrested.


A beautiful Italian girl that’s Baba’s ex-lover from 10 years ago. She was raised in a strict family so she didn’t have a lot of freedom, which is why she was attracted to Baba. After Baba left her, she fell in love with an Italian man named Marcus who worked at her father’s jewelry store; however, Marcus was fired and she was arranged to marry someone else after her aunt took over the business. Baba had won a “treasure map” from the auction, which was a code to her father's will. With the help of Baba and the guys, the real will is found and she inherits the business and is free to live her life. She stated that she loved her father despite being so strict on her.


Cynthia's parental aunt. She’s apparently responsible for her brother’s death and then forge her older brother's will to where she will inherit the jewelry store business and that Cynthia should devote to the family business. She had fired all of employees and arranged her niece to marry another man (she done this because the assets her brother had would’ve been divided to the employees and Cynthia). She was the one who came up the with 'treasure map' item for the auctions so that she could get someone to decipher her brother's code on the will. Baba was able to find the real will and she’s left with nothing.


Dorothy's younger husband. Soryu stated that he has connections to the mafia and he’d previously married a wealthy woman and then cheated her out of her fortune. He married Dorothy for the same reason, but is appalled when he learns that she isn't going to inherit anything from her brother's will. He then proceeds to divorce her.


A beautiful thief who’s Baba’s old friend from the orphanage. Like him, she was rescued by Kaido and became a thief. She and Baba rarely interfere with each other’s work, but she manages his bar in Dubai while he’s away. You suspect she’s Baba’s ex-girlfriend but she assures you that she’s only interested in younger men. She’s very friendly with you, and later helps you rescue the children and then you and Baba escape. She helps again in rallying the children from Kaido’s mansion. Baba stated that she used to be a bully back at the orphanage who made the boys cry.

Shinji Kaido

The previous Lupin who’d rescued Baba from a child laborer and was the reason why Baba became a thief. Baba finds him in Dubai where he’s been training orphaned children to steal and Baba helps him due to growing up in the same circumstances. Once Baba sees that this is wrong, Baba tries to convince him to let the children go but he refuses, believing that this is for the children’s own good. He and Baba have a falling out because of this and nearly kills the two of you, but Baba escapes with you and the children. His mansion is then blown up but he escapes and holds a grudge on his apprentice. In Twist of Fate, he disguises himself as Baba in order to frame him for a murder and steal the items right under his nose. After revealing himself, he has you and Baba at gunpoint and shoots him dead in the heart, but Baba’s acting fools him. He’s then taken into police custody by Mamoru, but relays a message to Baba that he should take care of the painting with the apple tree, meaning that he should take care of his friends. Like Baba, he’s based on Lupin III.


An orphaned boy that Kaido took in and the ringleader of The L Team. Baba’s been teaching him and the other children how to steal, but he doesn’t like to steal. The owner of a flower shop catches him for stealing a plant, but you save him. He’s initially cold towards you, but you convince him to help take care of the plant. You use his love of plants to make Baba see that the children can find their own happiness without resorting to stealing. After rescuing the children from Kaido’s mansion, Baba finds them homes and he stays with the florist and his wife. He has a crush on you, but then he develops a crush on Sakura.

Mister Barracuda

A local millionaire in Dubai. You hear from his conversation with Ayase that he’s plans on killing The L Team with explosives when they try to rob his mansion. While disappointed that he wouldn’t be to kill Lupin, he remarks that the children’s death would be a good way to kill time and justify his actions since they were thieves. His guards capture you in order to help Sakura and the children escape, but Baba disguises as him and save you.

The Silver-Haired Thief

A mysterious thief who’s Baba rival in London. He was able to steal three of Queen June’s treasures before Baba could, but Baba let him steal them and then was able to get them back, as well as retrieve the fourth one. Upon closer inspection, he looks to be around your age. It’s speculated that his name may be Andy.


A waitress that works at the Tres Spades café in London. She’s awkward and very clumsy for she keeps breaking the china, but she becomes your friend. She’s really Baba’s rivaled thief who disguised himself in order to get close to you and Baba, but Baba quickly caught onto his trick.

Francois Cocteau

A famous jeweler in France. He was in love with Queen June when he was younger, but she couldn’t marry him because of their statuses and then committed suicide six days after her wedding since she couldn’t be with him. There were four secret treasures that led to Queen June’s ring, which exposed their affair, so he spread the rumors about the treasures being cursed to keep people away from it. He learns that you’re Lupin’s girlfriend from your conversation with Ayase, and since then he’s been causing your accidents. He kidnaps you in order to stop Lupin from searching for the treasure, but Baba saves you. After you and Baba escape, the police arrest him.

Ota's Route


A famous artist who plagiarizes Ota’s latest piece. Ota explains to her that he was doing a painting of a caged bird and used crushed gems for the red paint, and she uses the exact same idea on her painting and quickly finishes it so that she can pass it as her work. Ota finishes his piece and makes his red bird shine brightly blue while in in the bright light, which amazes the media and overshadows her piece. Ota comments that she has a weird face and wears weird clothes.


An obnoxious reporter from Shinkai Press. He’d written the tabloid article of Ota copying Rin’s latest work. After failing to get an interview from Ota, he tries to blackmail you into revealing what Ota’s working on and gets very aggressive, but Ota physically stops him. He uses that to write an article where Ota assaulted him. At Ota’s exhibition, Ota puts on a sympathy act and fools the press to believe that he was manipulating Ota. In the Sequel, you go to him to find out about Ota’s past since he mentioned that he wrote about the scandal of Ota and his mentor Doi. You meet up with him at a hotel and he gives you the information about Doi’s poor health, but he demands compensation. He’s about to rape you, but Ota stops him. He then follows the two of you to Mr. Doi’s house and then futilely questions Ota about Doi’s paintings. The day after, he publishes an article about Ota visiting his mentor and lies that he’ll reveal the truth behind the plagiarism. He isn’t seen after that.

Missus Doi

The wife of Ota’s mentor. She’s known Ota since he was in elementary school and often calls him Occhan. After the incident with Ota, her husband regretted his actions and hasn’t made another painting since then and when he fell ill, she had to sell his artwork in order to pay for his treatment. She’d sold the paintings to an art collector with the intention that the paintings wouldn’t be distributed, but you and Ota find out that it’s going to be sold at the auctions. After Ota buys Doi’s sketches and painting, he finishes them calling it “Four Seasons” and then gives them to her at your suggestion. After her husband passes, she’s sad but happy that he and Ota made up before he died. Ota states that she used to be a model, which’s how she met her husband.


Sheik Nasser’s daughter who’s collaborating with Ota on the International Athletic Meet project in Dubai. She’s initially friendly towards you, but obsessed with Ota and tries to get rid of you. Because she’s a princess born in an Arabic country, she has little freedom. She believed that she was Ota’s inspiration for the caged bluebird painting and thinks that she’ll be happy if he loves her. She’s outraged when Ota states that you were the inspiration so she tries to set his studio on fire, but the guys stop her. Eisuke promises not to turn her in to Interpol if Ota can continue working on the IAM event. Ironically, her name means “trustworthy” in Arabic.

Ranko Kisaki

Ota’s overbearing mother who’s a famous pianist known as the Queen of the Black Keys. She believes that you’re seducing Ota into a kinky lifestyle (which is really the other way around) and blames you for changing him, when really he couldn’t stand her and wanted to get away from her. She tries to get him to come back to Japan, but he refuses so she announces that he’ll enter the World Art Competition with the intention that he breaks up with you if he loses, and then tries to sabotage his chances of winning. She believes that since you’re an ordinary girl, you wouldn’t understand an artist’s suffering and wouldn’t be able to support Ota. When Ota wins the WAC, she sees that you were the inspiration to help him create his masterpiece and decides to “defer her judgment”. She also appears in the PARTY version with an updated look.

Toru Kisaki

Ota’s father who’s an architect. Unbeknownst to Ota, he’s separated from Ranko and been living in New York City. You and Ota meet up with him when you two try to get away from his mother. He tells you that he and Ranko grew apart because they were so focused on their careers, and that Ranko practically raised Ota by herself so that’s why she’s so dependent on him. In the end, he and Ranko decide to get back together.

Bryan Stuart

The son of the famous artist. He’d bought the rights to create a sculpture for the royal wedding at the auctions, but becomes outraged when Ota is asked to create the sculpture instead of him. He stated that he was in the WAC in Dubai, but Ota doesn’t remember him due to his boring art. He uses the paparazzi to put pressure on you and Ota, which causes you to lose your voice. After learning you had lost your voice because of him and that his father was paying for his reputation, he regrets his actions and apologizes to you. He then falls in love with Sister Katie and stays in the village with her.

Sister Katie

A nun that lives in a small village near Ullswater with her father. You and Ota live next door to her when trying to get away from the media and befriend her. Despite being a nun, she dreams of falling in love and wants the kind of love that you and Ota share. She becomes the object of Bryan’s affections and when he proposes to her at the festival, she happily replies that they should date first.

Mamoru's Route

Shin Aida

The reverend of AID, a cult that preaches on the philosophies of love, who’s really a psychopathic pervert that uses the members’ vulnerability to commit crimes. Because you broke the statue he intended to sell, you were to come into the compound as compensation. Mamoru uses the cult’s philosophies to pretend to be your boyfriend so that he can infiltrate the compound and gather information about the death of his partner. He tries to rape you but Mamoru knocks him unconscious. He then holds Mamoru gunpoint in his room and is about to shoot him, but you manage to knock him out. When Mamoru interrogates him on who sold him the information about the sting, he states that it was from one of the sponsors. He learned about the auctions because of his father is the leader of the Onizuka Syndicate, but his real father is Kuroshima. In the Sequel, he allies himself with the leader of a Middle Eastern version of AID. He later kidnaps you in order to lure Mamoru out and then forces you to shoot him, which Mamoru fakes his death to fool him. He then tries to kill him, but Mamoru knocks him out again and finally arrests him.

Detective Kuroshima

A detective that’s Mamoru's old boss and friend. He often warns Mamoru to not pursue his revenge for Minami, but he’s the one who sold the information out to the AID about the police raid, which got Mamoru's partner killed. He did this because he wanted to make amends to him for not being a father for Aida; his wife took their newborn son and left him for a yakuza leader. When he learned that Mamoru was going to expose the auctions, he disposes the evidence and tells the other sponsors which puts Mamoru up for bid in the auctions; but the whole thing is a fake in order to get him to confess. When Mamoru sees that he turned him in for his own selfish reasons, he tries to shoot him in revenge but you stop him. Mamoru then asks that he quit the force and never contact Aida again, which he agrees to do.


Aida's right-hand man and one of the leaders of AID. He later assists Aida in the Sequel where he kidnaps you to lure Mamoru out while doing a drug trade with Mr. Sayid. He’s beaten by the Ice Dragons and later taken into custody by Mamoru.

Mister Sayid

The leader of the al-Askari, a Middle Eastern organization similar to AID. Aida had bought the warehouse belonging to his organization in order to receive his shipment of drugs. You are brought to him when you were caught snooping around his mansion by his guards and plans to have you sold as a prostitute in his country, but Mamoru, who was pretending to work for him, helps you escape. When Aida brings Mamoru over the warehouse, he’s worried about a cop being here during the drug deal but Aida assures him that Mamoru is no threat. After Mamoru fools Aida, Soryu and the Ice Dragons beat his organization and he’s taken into police custody. In Arabic, his name means “Lord, Master” and al-Askari means “the fighter”.


An Interpol officer who’s Mamoru’s partner in Dubai. He always worries about Mamoru’s recklessness and makes sure that he goes to work, which irritates Mamoru greatly, but he genuinely cares for him and respects him as a police officer. He reminds Mamoru of his deceased partner/friend Minami, which is why Mamoru can’t stand him but he trusts him. The guys are suspicious of him, but he reveals that he was ordered to spy Mamoru by the corrupted officials who had Minami killed. Once he realized what they’re doing is wrong, he’s transferred to London but becomes Mamoru’s partner again when he follows him there. He betrays his corrupted bosses by faking Mamoru’s death and then kidnapping you in order to reveal the location. He and Mamoru defeat the cops and arrest them along with Jack the Ripper. He’s currently separated from his wife, but he still loves her despite their differences. He loves your cooking and is envious that Mamoru has someone like you as a girlfriend.

Drug Dealer

A kingpin who’s running a drug organization in Dubai and the main antagonist in Living with Him. He has a grudge on Mamoru for taking down the al-Askari, their biggest distributers. He sets Mamoru up for the murder of a cop and then kidnaps you in order to lure Mamoru out. After the guys and the Ice Dragons defeat his gang, he uses you as a shield but is shot by Mamoru and taken in by Soryu and the Ice Dragons.

Ray Crawford

A Japanese-British director for a museum in London who’s staying at the Tres Spades. You’re assigned to attend to him, but he’s very rude towards you and you state that he’s demanding as Eisuke. He sees you as a little girl, often complaining that he wants someone with more sex appeal, but takes an interest in you when you encounter him at an exclusive sex party when investigating the Jack Ripper murders with Mamoru.

Jack the Ripper

A serial murder who was hired to kill Mamoru by the crooked cops Mamoru’s investigating. He’s later arrested by Mamoru and Hayami.

Missus Kishi

Mamoru's mother who is quite domineering and opinionated. She and her husband own a sake brewing business. She lied to Mamoru about her being hospitalized so that he would come and visit them. She constantly disapproves Mamoru's job as a detective and always wanted him to take over the family business, but Mamoru often tunes her out. You try and make a good impression on her by being quiet and demure, which made her dubious about you but when you stand up for Mamoru, she becomes impressed with how responsible you are with her son.

Mister Kishi

Mamoru's father. Like Mamoru, he's quite a slacker when it comes to work and he often smokes when his wife isn't looking.

Takeru Kishi

Mamoru's younger brother who's taken over the family business since Mamoru didn't want to. He's the complete opposite of his older brother for he's hardworking and has a clean-cut appearance. He's married and currently expecting his first child.

Shuichi's Route


A man you meet at an underground party that you’re forced to attend as Baba’s date. He flirts with you, which makes you happy since you don’t any friends in Dubai. You find him easy to talk to than Shuichi and end up sleeping with him after drinking too much. He’s really Shuichi who disguised himself in order to get close to you so that he could gain information on Eisuke.

Yuji Maezono

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Luke’s Route

Evan Randolph

He's a back alley doctor sells in euthanasia in the auctions. He had gone to the same college as Luke and has a grudge on him, but Luke doesn't remember him. Luke dislikes how he would simply end a patient's suffering instead of helping them. He was behind the accident where you lost your memory, he had hired somebody to apparently get rid of you. When Luke found out, he wanted torture him but he went to his soon-to-be euthanize patients and performed surgeries on them, which cured them. Luke revealed this at the next auctions and he was forced to withdraw his item, and Luke stated that he went to the police about his methods and then warned him to never come near you again. He then runs out of the auctions and Mamoru states that he was arrested but released due to lack of evidence.

Iris Foster

Luke's younger sister. She looks very doll-like, making her appear very young when she's actually older than you. She has the same strangeness as Luke and hasn't spoken to him around five years (which is normal for them), but they get along. When Luke introduce you as his fiancée, she states that you have a lovely aura and is thrilled that you'll be her "older" sister.

Hikaru’s Route

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Rhion's Route

Queen of Hearts

This is what Rhion calls his grandmother. Since his parents had passed, all she had been doing is forcing him to abide the rules of nobility. She did not approve of her grandson's eccentric ways and was demanding towards him. She does not have sprite and is only mentioned.

Alfonse Hatter

Alfonse, or Al for short, is the younger twin brother of Rhion. Unlike Rhion, he is not eccentric and is more calm, but is blunt and honest. He has a habit of constantly checking the time due to his grandmother's orders to always be punctual. He was angry at Rhion for running away and came to search for him. When angered, he can lash out.

Alfonse looks exactly like Rhion, in both physique and appearance. The only difference is his hair and eye color.


  • Akira Ichinomiya plays a prominent role in Eisuke’s route but doesn’t have sprite.
    • He does not appear in the PARTY version, for he’s replaced with Eisuke’s real father and step-mother.
  • Frank Ackerson also appears in the sub story, A Childhood Promise but doesn’t have a sprite.
  • Kaido from Baba’s route, looks like an older version of Lupin III. He even wears a similar green jacket that Lupin wore in the early series.
  • Hayami first appears in the end of Mamoru’s Sequel, but doesn’t have a sprite.
  • Mister Sayid’s sprite is also used for the kingpin in Dubai during Living with Him in Mamoru’s route; however, the MC states that he’s Japanese descent but Mr. Sayid’s sprite is clearly Arab.
  • Ravi's name is similar to Aslan's butler, Lavi; though spelled differently, in Japanese the "L" is an "R".